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After Awareness
The End of the Path
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Written by leading non-duality author Greg Goode, After Awareness offers an insider’s look at the Direct Path—a set of liberating spiritual teachings inspired by Shri Atmananda (Krishna Menon). This book shares secrets of the Direct Path that are rarely revealed. It examines topics hardly ever mentioned in non-duality discussions, such as the importance of ethics, the language of non-duality, the role of the guru, and the provisional nature of the Direct Path itself.

Our modern world is one of myriad beliefs and traditions. Most seekers explore a variety of ideas and spiritual paths before finding something that feels right: Eastern and Western philosophies, orthodox practices and mystical experiences, independent studies or devotion to a teacher. After Awareness takes this diversity into account, treating the Direct Path as one approach among many, rather than an objectively true description of reality.

This is no prescriptive, step-by-step book: After Awareness examines core principles in non-duality and provides context, examples, and critiques of these ideas. It explores the Direct Path without presuming belief in the path’s concepts. Instead, you’ll discover the central elements of the Direct Path—such as direct experience, awareness, and the witness—offered as tools of self-inquiry, not eternal truths.

With this open, pragmatic, and deconstructive approach, you’ll see the Direct Path from many different angles. Most important, you’ll learn how an exploration that begins with everyday perspectives and experiential investigations into the nature of the “I” can lead to a sense of peace and joy, free from judgment, grasping, and self-consciousness.

Publisher Reviews
  • “Greg Goode’s latest book, After Awareness, is both very enjoyable and totally accessible, and it clearly points his readers to the Direct Path of true awakening. Sidestepping the usual esoteric double-talk that often passes for non-dual wisdom, the author provides a very specific and practical framework for deepening the direct experience of your own true nature. Highly recommended.”
    Chuck Hillig, author of Enlightenment for Beginners, The Way IT Is, Seeds for the Soul, Looking for God, and The Magic King
  • “Greg Goode shifts fluidly between roles as educator, realized guide, and confidant. The synergy of the three voices, all coming from the disposition of ‘joyful irony,’ brings into being a friend who is powerful company for the investigation into what one is. Greg’s treatment of ethics is groundbreaking and timely in non-dualistic literature. The chapters on witnessing awareness cover its nature and dissolution with a kind of twist regarding the final dissolution. These and other significant themes are turned by Greg into fortunate opportunities for investigators and enjoyers of non-dual literature.”
    Jerry Katz, founder of nonduality.com and editor of One
  • “Greg Goode’s After Awareness explores the diamond from every angle, presenting a joyful dance of spiritual perspectives and non-duality pointers. The book navigates the non-dual territory with a sense of ease and joy, profound understanding, and a freedom from attachment to paths and approaches.”
    David Rivers, publisher of Tandava Press
  • After Awareness is an impressive contribution to the growing body of Western literature on the Direct Path in non-duality. Greg Goode brings a clear, analytical approach to a deep discussion of the ‘inner workings’ of the Direct Path, without forsaking ease of expression and a personal voice that speaks to the many issues that often trouble students of non-duality, paying particular attention to the witnessing consciousness. His joyfully ironic deconstruction of language and the tendency of conceptual systems to assert a position of truth in opposition to other systems is most welcome, especially as we see so many expressions of modern non-duality becoming another inflexible system of thought. This is not a long book, but Greg Goode has made every sentence count as a mirror to one’s own investigation. It is highly recommended.”
    Kriben Pillay, founding editor of The Noumenon Journal and author of Three Poisons
  • “Greg Goode possesses the unique ability to synthesize many years of academic scholarship and personal spiritual practice into a deeply profound and yet easily accessible message, whereby he takes us beyond concepts, platitudes, and dogma into a space abundant with freedom, peace, and joy. Written in a beautifully engaging narrative, we discover that the Direct Path to the way of the ‘joyful ironist’ is a simple and yet subtle series of steps, leading us forever deeper into an everlasting unfoldment of happiness, truth, and love.”
    Paula Marvelly, author and editor of The Culturium

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