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Everyday Mindfulness for OCD
Tips, Tricks, and Skills for Living Joyfully
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“The most empowering OCD book I have ever read.”
—Reid Wilson, PhD, author of Stopping the Noise in Your Head

Don’t just survive—thrive. In Everyday Mindfulness for OCD, two experts in obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) offer a blend of mindfulness, humor, and self-compassion to help you stop dwelling on what’s wrong and start enhancing what’s right—leading to a more joyful life.

If you’ve been diagnosed with OCD, you already understand how your obsessive thoughts, compulsive behavior, and need for rituals can interfere with everyday life. Maybe you’ve already undergone therapy or are in the midst of working with a therapist. It’s important for you to know that life doesn’t end with an OCD diagnosis. In fact, it’s possible to not only live with the disorder, but also live joyfully. This practical and accessible guide will show you how.

In Everyday Mindfulness for OCD, you’ll discover how you can stay one step ahead of your OCD. You’ll learn about the world of mindfulness, and how living in the present moment non-judgmentally is so important when you have OCD. You’ll also explore the concept of self-compassion—what it is, what it isn’t, how to use it, and why people with OCD benefit from it. Finally, you’ll discover daily games, tips, and tricks for outsmarting your OCD, meditations and mindfulness exercises, and much, much more.

Living with OCD is challenging—but it doesn’t have to define you. If you’re tired of focusing on how “hard” living with OCD is and are looking for fun ways to make the most of your unique self, this book will be a breath of fresh air.

Publisher Reviews
  • “This book is a breath of fresh air for anyone who suffers from obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD). Instead of just telling you what you should or shouldn’t do, the book helps you learn how to relate to yourself with more mindfulness and compassion. Rather than trying to fix or change yourself, the practices actually help you befriend who you are already, allowing you to heal through the power of presence and kindness.”
    —Kristin Neff, PhD, author of Self-Compassion
  • “Wow! This is the most empowering OCD book I have ever read. This mental disorder is a clever and manipulative challenger that requires you to bring your A-game. If you are in it to win it, Everyday Mindfulness for OCD is your playbook.”
    —Reid Wilson, PhD, author of Stopping the Noise in Your Head
  • “Too often those with OCD are told ‘don’t worry,’ or ‘sit with your anxiety,’ as if it were so easy. Hershfield and Nicely are among the top OCD therapists in the field, in terms of both treating it and mastering their own OCD. In this book, their infectious exuberance will provide you with the how-to steps you need to master your OCD and rediscover joy.”
    Jonathan Grayson, PhD, director at The Grayson LA Treatment Center for Anxiety & OCD
  • “I was impressed and moved by this book. The authors expertly help the reader to take mindfulness off the meditation cushion and out of the therapy office—and into their lives. Mindfulness, acceptance, and self-compassion can powerfully help us to free ourselves from the stranglehold that anxiety can exert. This is a highly recommended work that I will be using with my clients.”
    —Dennis Tirch, PhD, coauthor of The ACT Practitioner’s Guide to the Science of Compassion, and founder of The Center for Compassion Focused Therapy
  • Everyday Mindfulness for OCD can be a lifeline for those with OCD who have found exposure and response prevention (ERP) ‘dreadfully hard,’ as the authors put it—or worse. By adding mindfulness and self-compassion to the standard therapy, their thoughtful and straightforward strategies and tools—and even games—promise to ease the suffering of countless people with OCD.”
    —Sharon Begley, author of Can’t Just Stop
  • “Good books offer pearls of wisdom. Great books string them together in meaningful ways. This book does even more by skillfully weaving such strands into a lifeline that readers can reach for again and again. What a gift Jon and Shala have created for countless OCD sufferers looking for a way back to the joyful side of life!”
    —Jeff Bell, author of When in Doubt, Make Belief
  • “A must-read for those suffering from OCD and those treating it. Jon and Shala expertly lay out the mindfulness-enhanced approach to exposure therapy for OCD. More than a how-to book, Everyday Mindfulness for OCD shows how accepting thoughts without judgment, and with self-compassion, can improve outcomes. We need more books like this.”
    —Randy O. Frost, PhD, Harold Edward and Elsa Siipola Israel Professor of Psychology at Smith College, and coauthor of the New York Times bestseller Stuff: Compulsive Hoarding and the Meaning of Things
  • “If you have OCD or help people who do, you need to read this book! Written by two expert therapists who know OCD from the inside out, this book provides an abundance of tools to effectively achieve and maintain mastery over OCD. The authors bring humor, personal experience, and a wealth of wisdom to their writing about how to use mindfulness, self-compassion, and a vast array of creative tools and strategies to stay on top of OCD while continuing to use ERP as a lifelong goal. You’ll want to keep this book close by for refreshers on how to creatively and compassionately stay on top of OCD and joyfully live your life!”
    —Joan Davidson, PhD, codirector of the San Francisco Bay Area Center for Cognitive Therapy, and assistant professor in the clinical sciences program at the University of California, Berkeley
  • “Living with OCD means learning to address intrusive thoughts as they arise, whether while you’re chopping vegetables in your own kitchen or navigating a crowded store. With Everyday Mindfulness for OCD, Jon and Shala have provided a practical, compassion-filled guide to doing just that. One by one, they clear up misconceptions about meditation (you don’t have to clear your mind of all thoughts, thank goodness); mindfulness (it is exposure); self-compassion (it’s not the same as reassurance); and ERP (it can actually be fun!). They want you to lead a joyful life and, with insight and humor, they show you how that’s possible.”
    —Alison Dotson, author of Being Me with OCD; president of OCD Twin Cities, an affiliate of the International OCD Foundation; and recipient of the 2016 International OCD Foundation Hero Award
  • “OCD recovery is about finding the opportunities for growth. Mental health offers the sufferer an opportunity to master their mind. Jon and Shala have written a wonderful book that endorses this mission. Mindfulness and self-compassion are important factors for living joyfully, and this book describes and guides the reader to living joyfully through practical explanations, exercises, and examples. I highly recommend this book for anyone struggling with OCD and looking to regain the vitality in their life!”
    —Stuart Ralph, curator of The OCD Stories
  • “This eloquent and delightful book combines the most relevant research in the field with the cognitive, behavioral, and mindfulness tools needed to live a full and joyful life with OCD. A truly inspiring read and a bedside table must-have!”
    —Kimberley Quinlan, LMFT, licensed marriage and family therapist in the state of California specializing in treating OCD, OCD spectrum disorders, and coexisting eating disorders using mindfulness-based cognitive therapy (MBCT)

    “This is a wonderful book! Jon and Shala present the complex intersection of mindfulness, self-compassion, and ERP in plain and simple language that is easy to read and understand. It is not overly clinical nor is it ‘preachy.’ The authors use helpful illustrations and witty metaphors to clearly explain the acquisition and practical application of certain skill sets to the treatment of OCD. The book’s tone is very friendly and positive, and one that offers the reader great empowerment and hope. It is a worthwhile addition to anyone’s OCD library, both professional and layperson alike.”
    —Allen Weg, EdD, licensed psychologist, founder and executive director of Stress and Anxiety Services of New Jersey, and author of OCD Treatment Through Storytelling

    “This book is a refreshing must-have for people with OCD! Grounded firmly in science and clinical expertise, these authors use easy-to-understand language to build hope and provide practical tools for effectively managing OCD symptoms and living a joyful life!"
    —Ashley Smith, PhD, licensed psychologist and anxiety disorder specialist

    “This book has just become my absolute favorite for treating clients with OCD and related disorders! It is chock-full of concrete exercises, tools, and even games to engage individuals in treatment. Additionally, it’s the first OCD book that thoroughly describes the importance of implementing self-compassion into treatment—an absolute must!”
    Becky Beaton, PhD, founder and clinical director of The Anxiety & Stress Management Institute in Atlanta, GA, and treating psychologist on Hoarding: Buried Alive

    Everyday Mindfulness for OCD puts on display the passion and understanding Jon Hershfield and Shala Nicely have in their advocacy and treatment for individuals living with OCD. Their writing succeeds in normalizing the debilitating symptoms of OCD, gives practical exercises one can easily practice every day, and offers a light, humorous touch. The plethora of tools and strategies to tackle OCD provided in this book leaves the reader with hope and motivation that there are many ways to attain living in recovery from OCD.”
    Chrissie Hodges, OCD advocate, peer support specialist, OCD therapy coach, treatment consultant, and author of Pure OCD

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