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Kabalah Yoga
Embodying the Hidden Power of the Sacred Hebrew Letters
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Audi Gozlan, a certified yoga instructor and the founder of Kabalah Yoga, offers a book that fuses the practice of yoga with the ancient wisdom of Jewish mysticism, teaching you how to awaken the secret energy of each Hebrew letter in order to enliven your practice and experience the hidden powers of the universe.

There is an authentic need for spirituality in our lives—one that connects us with the sacred, something greater than ourselves, but that is also practical, touching the body and soul in deep and meaningful ways. While yoga offers us postures (or asanas), breathing, and meditation techniques, it may not always fulfill the deep desire for spiritual connection that has arisen. But when combined with the mystical tradition of Kabalah, it may be just the answer modern spiritual seekers are after.

Kabalah Yoga blends the movement and meditation of Hatha flow yoga with the ancient teachings of Kabalah, incorporating the wisdom of the Hebrew letters, also known as the Sacred Shapes, which are believed by Jewish mystics to be divine templates that contain the creative energy of the universe. This book describes the body, breath, and soul found within each of the Sacred Shapes, and shows that by moving your body into asanas based on each letter of the Hebrew alphabet and meditating on their meaning, you can unlock and embrace their great, empowering, and healing wisdom.

Kabalah Yoga brings a new form of awareness to the practice of yoga as a language of the soul, allowing you to journey deep within and discover yourself from the inside out, while tapping into the divine energy of each of the Sacred Shapes. With the explanations, insights, stories, meditations, and photographs in this book, you’ll enhance your practice and improve your life.

Publisher Reviews
  • “My guru taught if you have spiritual knowledge, you should share it. This is the highest form of charity. Audi Gozlan is sharing the divine knowledge of yoga in the form of this beautiful book he wrote. The knowledge shared in this book comes from Audi’s experience and from the depth of his heart. Hopefully, it will find its way into the hearts of those who read it, and help them on the path of yoga. May we all move from the darkness of ignorance to the light of knowledge.”
    Sri Dharma Mittra, founder of Dharma Yoga and the Dharma Yoga Center NYC, and author of Master Chart of 908 Postures, Asanas, Yoga Wisdom, Maha Sadhana, and more
  • “Audi Gozlan’s passionate exploration of Jewish mysticism and yoga that began in his teens informs this exquisitely written book. I found Kabalah Yoga profoundly moving, widening the path of Jewish spirituality to embrace the movement and form of yoga postures. If you like to move, as I do, and are inspired by Rumi or Theresa of Avila or Mirabai or the Baal Shem Tov or A Course in Miracles, you will keep this book close to your heart. Whatever name you use to call to the Divine, this book will open every shuttered window of your body, mind, and spirit to let the love of the eternal shine through. Gozlan’s Kabalah Yoga will become a classic of mystical philosophy and practice in all traditions.”
    Amy Weintraub, founder of LifeForce Yoga, and author of Yoga for Depression and Yoga Skills for Therapists
  • “Yoga is a dance of body and soul and it belongs to everyone. Although the techniques are universal, we each need to adapt the technology into a system that intimately supports our individual life and value system. This brave book emerges from Audi’s many years of personal experience into the depth and mysteries, and invites us into revealing the light that shines in us all.”
    Lorin Roche, PhD, expert in the field of meditation; author of Meditation Made Easy, Breath Taking, and Whole Body Meditations; and coauthor of Meditation Secrets for Women and Meditation 24/7
  • “Audi Gozlan’s unique blend of soul, breath, and body is deeply original and powerful.
    His grace in movement, coupled with his belief that self-improvement is within reach for all of us, is infectious, motivating, and a call to action! Over and above the yoga, Kabalah Yoga will leave you feeling elated.”
    Moses Znaimer, founder of ZoomerMedia Limited, and executive producer of ONE TV
  • “I believe that yoga is art. I believe that yoga teachers are artists, and that the work that they synthesize and share with the world is a composition; some naturally more unique than others. At our agency, we are blessed to help share and support many yoga artists. I find the way Audi has authentically woven together and presented the ancient wisdom traditions of yoga and Kabalah to be exhilarating: a refreshing, completely new and completely accessible synthesis. I feel that Audi has taken Kabalah Yoga down from the heavens and placed it for us on our yoga mats. For that I give thanks.”
    Ava Taylor, COO of YAMA Talent
  • “The world is now more than ever ready for an integration of knowledge with the Sacred. In a world growing of adversarial forces against oneness, it is now time for each of us to embrace the opportunity to ‘upward salute’ the wisdom that the most gifted rabbis have brought forward to us with ancient Hebrew as a whisper of hope. ... Only oneness exists and can be felt when we breathe, relax, and feel. Our potential is released from the mustard seed of our soul’s desire to be united with life when we let our bodies flow with the grace in movement aligned with the Hebrew letters. The roots will set you free!
    Blessings to my dear friend Audi for writing this book, and who I hold most dear in my heart. You will learn how to feel, move, and flow with the Divine to reawaken your connection to spirit and each other. I pray for every human to read this beautiful book. I am honored and in glory to see it make its way to each of you.
    Jennifer (Devorah) Buergermeister, MA, RYS, founder of Rootism®, The Texas Yoga Association and Conference, and Jennyoga® (subsidiaries of Breathe the Cure®, Inc.)
  • “Audi Gozlan has filled this beautiful book with a plethora of wisdom that inspires us to go deeper into our practice of yoga, and bring more awareness of our life and connection to heaven and earth. We are much closer than we think!”
    Michele Bohbot, Iyengar certified teacher, LAYT certified yoga therapist, founder of Bisou Bisou, and founder of Namastday Yoga Center in Beverly Hills, CA
  • “It gives me great honor, and my heart immense joy, to share my endorsement for Kabalah Yoga in general, and for Audi’s new book. Audi Gozlan’s Kabalah Yoga is no less than a stroke of genius. Audi is a soul pioneer, who with great depth of heart, bridges the world of yoga and mystical spirituality. His new book, Kabalah Yoga, successfully reveals the sacred beauty of the Divine Spirit that resides in each of us, and lays out a tangible path to bring forth these inner treasures into our lives, and the world. For those of us on a spiritual, heart-centered path who seek for meaning and richness in our inner lives, this is a must-read.”
    Karen Heaven Claffey, DOMP, certified Anusara yoga teacher, C-IAYT, E-RYT500
  • “A humble wise soul
    Audi Gozlan is a keeper of the eternal flame 
    A bridge builder who decodes this sacred wisdom of yoga and the Kabalah and makes it accessible for the world to experience and benefit from.”
    Moses Love, artist, musician, yoga teacher, and founder of I Love Yoga
  • “Given so much of what is happening in the world, a practice that fosters inner peace is a key part of wellness. And with his Kabalah Yoga teachings, Audi Gozlan offers precisely this by utilizing an ancient philosophy which is incredibility relevant today. This gentle guru leads you on a journey that unites the body and spirit through mindful movement. It delivers a profound experience unlike any other and forms a pathway to better health and more happiness.”
    Suzanne Boyd, editor in chief of ZOOMERMagazine

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