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The ASD Independence Workbook
Transition Skills for Teens and Young Adults with Autism
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The ASD Independence Workbook offers powerful skills to help teens and young adults with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) successfully navigate the skills required for daily living and integration into their communities.

Teens and young adults with ASD face many unique challenges on the road to growing up. Daily interactions that we often take for granted—yet are imperative for living independently—can be particularly difficult. People with ASD require practice with simple activities and interactions in school, in the community, and on the job site. So how can you help the teen in your life gain the skills needed to successfully transition into adulthood?

This easy-to-follow and engaging workbook is designed to help young adults ages fourteen and up develop invaluable communication skills and practice with interactions they would encounter in everyday life. Teens will also find information on topics that are imperative for a successful transition into adulthood—including health and safety, self-care, and more. This unique book not only focuses on what adaptive skills are needed in the real world, but also gives teens with ASD the ability to practice these skills, either independently or with a teacher/caregiver.

Give the teen in your life the gift of independence. With this workbook, they will be one step closer to leading full, productive, and meaningful lives.

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Publisher Reviews
  • The ASD Independence Workbook is an excellent resource for educators and young adults alike. This carefully sequenced text outlines key topics related to independent living, social communication, and community integration. Complete with activities, checklists, and discussion points, this book is a wonderful addition to any special educator’s toolkit or to individuals who may be interested in developing their own skill set!”
    —Mary Clancy, MSEd, division head at Cooke School and Institute, a school that serves students with moderate to severe disabilities in New York City, NY


  • “Tabone expertly translates research into easily understandable, structured, real-life practices for students with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). The ASD Independence Workbook provides students with strategies, explicit directions, checklists, and reflective teachings to support a successful transition to independence and full life after high school. This is certainly a workbook that will be in my toolbox!”
    Stewart Miller, head of school, Riverview School


  • “Our school, The Gateway School of Mumbai, is in its first year of running its high school adaptive program and we have been working hard to figure out the best way to prepare our students for this transition to life, as young adults beyond school. … There is a lot of material on independent skills and transition programs out there, but the two things that made Francis’s book invaluable to us were a) the organization of ideas into four essential themes, each with a concise but purposeful list of goals and activities, and b) the structured and explicit breakdown of the activities provided us novice teachers with the much-needed scaffolding that we were looking for as we implemented the program for the first time. Thank you, Francis, for compiling the knowledge accumulated through years of experience and study in this area, it has been an immense support to us!”
    —Radhika Zahedi, MA, co-principal, The Gateway School of Mumbai 


  • “This clear, complete, and practical skill-building guide will take young people all the way down the road to a successful transition to adult life. And it’s a resource for family members, school staff, clinicians, and anyone who wants to help young people lead productive and satisfying lives. Don’t think about transition without it.”
    —Fredda Rosen, executive director of Job Path, a New York City, NY-based not-for-profit that helps people with autism and other developmental disabilities find jobs, live in their own homes, and become part of community life


  • The ASD Independence Workbook confronts the issues faced by young adults as they strive to be independent and assume their position in the community. Within each of the four content areas, the many tested and practical activities are presented in a rhythmic style that makes them easy to follow and understand. The book stands out because Tabone respects the competence of his readers and their desire to be a part of the majority culture without changing who they are. It will be a valuable resource in their quest to achieve a balanced and fulfilled life.”
    —Carole R. Gothelf, EdD, director of individualized supports for AHRC New York City


  • “Working in special education for the last twenty years has made me realize how important these adaptive skills are to the independence and happiness of young people with ASD. This book is a much-needed resource for teachers and families, and can have a profound impact on the lives of young people with ASD if truly incorporated into their educational and transitional plans.”
    —Mark Lauterbach, PhD, assistant professor for early childhood/art education; program head for special education at Brooklyn College



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