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Mindful Yoga-Based Acceptance and Commitment Therapy
Simple Postures and Practices to Help Clients Achieve Emotional Balance
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The ancient wisdom of yoga meets the evidence-based effectiveness of acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT) in this breakthrough professional guide for both yoga instructors and ACT clinicians.

Mindful yoga-based acceptance and commitment therapy (MYACT) is a holistic mind-body program that integrates psychology, yoga, and behavior change. In Mindful Yoga-Based Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, a psychologist, social worker, and yoga instructor team up to offer comprehensive training in MYACT. Using the holistic therapy outlined in this manual, clinicians and yoga instructors alike will discover ways to guide clients toward emotional balance and wellness, with the perspective that healing suffering requires treating both the body and the mind.

This unique book offers proven-effective interventions informed by the model of psychological flexibility—the foundational underpinning of modern third-wave cognitive behavioral therapies. Mental health professionals who are interested in yoga, mindfulness, and holistic approaches to health will rejoice in this evidence-based program, while yoga instructors who wish to incorporate well-researched health care interventions into their yoga practice and teaching will also celebrate this much-needed resource.

Whether you are new to yoga or ACT or both, or have a long history with either, this book will provide you with the tools and foundational understanding needed to bring this practice into the scope of yours. 

Publisher Reviews
  • “As yoga and mindfulness practices take root in Western soil, they’re coming into conversation with the insights and techniques of contemporary psychology. This interaction is modifying both traditions in innumerable ways, and this book is helping to shape that conversation. In different ways, both modern psychology and ancient yoga seek to wake us up from the habits that block us from living lives that matter. This practical book helps us find our footing again.”
    Michael Stone, author of The Inner Tradition of Yoga

  • “This book offers an enlightening perspective on acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT) using compassion and yoga principles. The exercises are both simple and empowering at the same time, allowing for a deep connection with clients’ experiences. This book is the essence of what it means to have an experiential practice.”
    Janina Scarlet, PhD, clinical psychologist at the Center for Stress and Anxiety Management, author of Superhero Therapy, and recipient of the Eleanor Roosevelt Human Rights Award for developing Superhero Therapy

  • “Yoga plus ACT—how can you possibly ask for a better combination to help you become more flexible as a person? Well, you could ask for such a book to be written by Timothy Gordon and Jessica Borushok. Superb! This book is better than Tantric sex!”
    D.J. Moran, PhD, BCBA-D, Pickslyde Consulting

  • “This is a great book for mental health practitioners, yoga teachers, yoga therapists, and people who want to empower their health on all levels. The content is treated respectfully and offers guidelines and tips for people coming at it from various realms of practice. Highly accessible, organized, and at times humorous, the diversity of application and interest makes this a compelling read. There are so many practical, experienced-based opportunities to apply the mindful yoga-based acceptance and commitment therapy (MYACT) protocol to improve one’s own life, as well as the lives of clients/students!”
    Erin Byron, MA, registered psychotherapist, and author of Yoga for the Creative Soul

  • “Whether you are a mental health care or yoga professional, Mindful Yoga-Based Acceptance and Commitment Therapy is a unique, balanced blend of wisdom and valuable tools, for and from, both these fields. A great asset as a practical guide in professional trainings or continued education programs, while remaining equally accessible as a step-by-step guide for one’s own personal use.”
    Helene Couvrette, C-IAYT, E-RYT500, president of MISTY - Montreal International Symposium on Therapeutic Yoga; and founder H~OM Yoga Health Center

  • “Going way beyond a mere illness model, the authors bring the reader into intimate contact with the science of liberation at the heart of yoga, dharma, and ACT. This is a book for everybody and every body!”
    Dennis Tirch, founder of The Center for Compassion Focused Therapy, associate clinical professor at Mount Sinai, and coauthor of The ACT Practitioner’s Guide to the Science of Compassion

  • “This book is immediately accessible and practical for blending yoga and ACT. Doing the work as outlined will bring the reader into a deeply felt understanding of ACT. It’s such a brilliant move to blend yoga and ACT, you’ll wonder why you didn’t think of it. It’s also a reader-friendly exploration of the common roots of contextual behavioral science and yoga philosophy and practice.”
    Joanne Steinwachs, LCSW, licensed clinical social worker in private practice, and peer-reviewed ACT trainer

  • “This book is a brilliant contribution not only to the contextual behavioral science literature, but also to the acknowledgement that there are other forms, besides language, to address human struggles. The authors did an incredible job integrating ACT, yoga practices, and a rounded approach to general well-being into a very creative, unique, and step-by-step process. This is certainly a timely book when we have failed to acknowledge the role of our body in our general well-being, and within the field of empirically supported treatments. This book will help all clinicians to expand a repertoire of interventions when working with all clients. A highly recommended book, whether you practice yoga or not!”
    Patricia E. Zurita Ona, PsyD, coauthor of Mind and Emotions, and author of Parenting a Troubled Teen and Escaping the Emotional Rollercoaster


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