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From Anger to Action
Powerful Mindfulness Tools to Help Teens Harness Anger for Positive Change
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A comprehensive mindfulness program to help teens understand and channel anger into healthy expressions of creativity, advocacy, and empowerment.

Sometimes you just feel pissed off, and that’s okay. Maybe you missed a deadline in school, flunked a test, didn’t get invited to a party, or feel angry about something you saw on the news or online. We’ve all been there. It’s impossible to go through life never feeling angry. But what if, instead of letting your anger take control, you were able to harness it in constructive ways? This book will show you how.

With this guide, you’ll find powerful mindfulness tools to help you listen to your anger, connect with your core values and goals, and make positive changes that will truly empower you. Instead of resorting to outbursts, you’ll learn to channel the incredible energy of your anger into self-advocacy, social action, and productivity. You’ll also find stories from other teens just like you who’ve successfully redirected their anger into creating positive change.

If you’re ready to change your relationship with anger and transform it into fuel for change and creative possibility, this book will guide you, every step of the way.

Publisher Reviews
  • “You don’t want anger running your life any more than you want your parents running it for you. Easy to read, useful, and honest, Mitch Abblett will show you why getting angry is normal, but that how you use your anger is up to you.”
    Mark Bertin, MD, author of Mindful Parenting for ADHD and How Children Thrive

  • “We all get mad sometimes, and often we beat ourselves up for it afterwards. In his welcome new book, Abblett takes the pathology out of anger, normalizes it, and offers suggestions for ways to transform anger and use it for the benefit of others and also ourselves.”
    Susan Kaiser Greenland, cofounder of the Inner Kids foundation, and author of Mindful Games and The Mindful Child


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