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The Yoga Almanac
52 Practices and Rituals to Stay Grounded Through the Astrological Seasons
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52 weeks of yoga practice, wisdom, and ritual to help you slow down, restore balance, and nourish mind, body, and spirit.

Sequenced by the astrological calendar, The Yoga Almanac is a practical guide to help you reintegrate with recurring cosmic rhythms, and invite the sacred into your life through learning, movement, breath, and ritual. Featuring 52 seasonally-themed chapters, the Almanac is a comprehensive jumping off point to deepen your relationship to yoga—and to yourself.

Each chapter includes a seasonal theme with an overview of yogic theory, as well as an illustrated asana to begin the physical exploration of your practice. You’ll also find weekly rituals to integrate these teachings into your daily life, and a short dharma talk as reference and nod to tradition. Finally, this unique, holistic handbook will help you develop a transformational practice that flows with the cycles of the astrological year—beginning with spring and culminating in winter.

Whether you’re looking for weekly inspiration, a crash course in yogic theory, or a blueprint for developing your own yoga routine, The Yoga Almanac provides a foundation for reconnecting with the deepest parts of yourself and discovering your authentic place in the world.

Publisher Reviews
  • “Self-care is a survival skill that’s required to navigate our stress-filled world. The Yoga Almanac turns the process into a modern daily practice that links us to the cycles of nature, weaving in the astrological calendar and fostering a connection to source energy. A gorgeous guide for reconnecting to the rhythms within ourselves and all around us.”
    Ophira and Tali Edut (The AstroTwins), founders of www.astrostyle.com


  • “An indispensable compendium of practical philosophy, thought-provoking rituals, and functional anatomy, The Yoga Almanac is a one-of-a-kind seasonal guide to developing a practice of clarity, presence, and alignment with integrity. Whether you’re a student, teacher, or curious about what yoga and meditation might do for you, The Yoga Almanac is a key resource for us all.”
    Elena Brower, best-selling author of Practice You


  • “As a voracious reader and longtime practitioner, I’ve read a whole lot of books about the practice of yoga. But I’ve never come across a book so unique in perspective combining the philosophy of yoga and of astrology. I was instantly inspired to dive deep into this book and it’s now a resource, and muse I’ll always be returning to. I highly recommend this book to reinvigorate both your yoga practice and daily life.”
    Mary Beth LaRue, cofounder of Rock Your Bliss, and international yoga instructor 


  • “A contemporary, real-life, accessible, educational, all-inclusive masterpiece, The Yoga Almanac has become my go-to manual for creative inspiration, and a steady guide for staying focused on my personal spiritual journey. A timeless treasure that belongs on the bookshelves of students and seekers everywhere.”
    Robert Sturman, artist and photographer 


  • “We do yoga because we long to truly know and care for ourselves in a more loving way. But how can we do that in the middle of our crazy, busy lives? Lisette Cheresson and Andrea Rice show us how in The Yoga Almanac. They offer ritual, poses, stories, and weekly practices designed to wake us up, help us navigate the world with kindness and grace, and bring us home to our inner wisdom. Reading this book is like going on a self-care retreat, guided by two wise and loving teachers.”
    Linda Sparrowe, former editor of Yoga Journal and Yoga International; and award-winning author of six books on yoga, including Yoga At Home


  • The Yoga Almanac is a creative perspective that provides a foundation for practitioners who are interested in understanding the ways in which our relationship to understanding astrology inform the relationship we cultivate with the physical body. This is a great resource for anyone looking for a fresh, innovative, and meaningful way to move deeper into a yoga practice.”
    Chelsea Jackson Roberts, PhD, E-RYT, cofounder of Red Clay Yoga



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