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The Gratitude Project
How the Science of Thankfulness Can Rewire Our Brains for Resilience, Optimism, and the Greater Good
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In our fractured, “me-first” world, the science and practice of thankfulness could be just the antidote we need.

Gratitude is powerful: not only does it feel good, it’s also been proven to increase our well-being in myriad ways. The result of a multiyear collaboration between the Greater Good Science Center and Robert Emmons of the University of California, Davis, The Gratitude Project explores gratitude’s deep roots in human psychology—how it evolved and how it affects our brain—as well as the transformative impact it has on creating a meaningful life and a better world.

With essays based on new findings from this original research and written by renowned positive psychologists and public figures, this important book delves deeply into the neuroscience and psychology of gratitude, and explores how thankfulness can be developed and applied, both personally and in communities large and small, for the benefit of all.

With contributions from luminaries such as Sonja Lyubomirsky, W. Kamau Bell, Arianna Huffington, and many more, this edited volume offers more than just platitudes—it offers a blueprint for a new and better world.

Publisher Reviews
  • “Gratitude arises when we bring an open and full presence to our life, and its sweetness is a feeling of homecoming. The Gratitude Project is an exquisite and wise inquiry into this beautiful expression of the heart!”
    Tara Brach, author of Radical Acceptance and Radical Compassion

  • The Gratitude Project is a practical and thoughtful exploration of how appreciation can help us find hope and strengthen our most important relationships. Gratitude is a mind-set that does far more than make you feel good; it can help you be your best self, connect with others, and see the good in the world.”
    —Kelly McGonigal, author of The Joy of Movement and The Upside of Stress

  • “In these difficult times, The Gratitude Project is timely and beautiful. It offers marvelous, wise, loving, and scientific ways to uplift and nourish the heart.”
    —Jack Kornfield, PhD, author of A Path with Heart


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