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Pocket Therapy for Stress
Quick Mind-Body Skills to Find Peace
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Drawing on the self-help success, 10 Simple Solutions to Stress, this on-the-go pocket guide offers simple, evidence based strategies for coping with stress and overwhelm. Think of it as your portable peace finder!

Stress—it can happen anytime and anywhere, from your morning commute to the moment you settle in for bed at night. We all struggle with it. And many of us don’t even realize we’re stressed out until we experience more serious symptoms like insomnia, high blood pressure, or even chronic pain. Wouldn’t it be nice to have quick, actionable skills you could turn to when you’re feeling stressed, so you could get back to living a full, happy, and healthy life?

Grounded in positive psychology, mind-body medicine, and cognitive behavioral therapy, the ten simple but effective strategies in this little book are a powerful antidote to stress. You can keep the book in your pocket, purse, on your nightstand, or anywhere to help you feel better when stress starts to overwhelm you.

So, go ahead. Put it in your pocket, and start feeling less stressed today!

Publisher Reviews
  • “Claire Michaels Wheeler is a gifted health professional and author who has a wonderfully authentic way of telling the story of the mind-body and its complex systems, making it accessible for everyone with humor and respect.”
    —Toni Quinn Bankston, LCSW-BACS, child and family trauma therapist, CEO of Baton Rouge Children’s Advocacy Center, and senior faculty and consultant for The Center for Mind-Body Medicine

  • “Claire Michaels Wheeler brilliantly succeeds in addressing a critical issue—how to cope with stress. This essential framework is a must-read for all those who struggle with the stresses of daily life. Her insights into the biology of stress, particularly the neuroscience, present a blueprint for understanding why stress management is a vital part of our health and happiness.”
    —Katherine Grill, PhD, CEO and cofounder of Neolth, professor at the California Institute of Integral Studies, and behavioral neuroscientist and integrative specialist

  • “This book is a journey to your inner self, and enhances the understanding of your environment. Science is linked with your body and mind. It teaches you how to understand and analyze your stressors, and to address them in an objective and practical way. Claire Michaels Wheeler’s book helped me to recognize my anxiety triggers, and to develop coping mechanisms. To apply the mind-body approach is liberating, and will help you develop more inner strength.”
    —Carole Zen Ruffinen, MPH, pharmacist, and project coordinator for Doctors Without Borders


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