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Move on Motherf*cker
Live, Laugh, and Let Sh*t Go
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Your negative inner voice is a total assh*le. Tell it to f*ck off with this irreverent, laugh-out-loud guide!

I’m not good enough. This shouldn’t be happening. Things never work out for me. When we’re anxious, stressed, or fearful, the negative voice in our heads can be extremely powerful. It tells us we’re not smart or attractive enough. It berates us for our mistakes. And it keeps us feeling stuck in an endless loop of worry, shame, and hopelessness. But there is a way to shut it down. Blending evidence-based cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), mindfulness, and profanity, this unexpected guide will show you how to respond to your negative inner voice with one very important phrase: Move on, mother*cker (MOMF)!

With MOMF, you’ll learn to manage worry and anxiety, put a stop to unhelpful internal dialogue, and approach new situations with humor, levity, and perspective. You’ll also find real tools to help you:

  • Set personal and professional boundaries
  • Identify toxic or codependent relationships
  • Become assertive without being aggressive
  • Stop seeking perfection


This book also includes journaling and other self-awareness exercises to help you put MOMF to work every day. So, stop letting your inner voice tear you down. With this fun and effective guide, you’ll learn how to take control of your negative thoughts and get back to living your best life.

Publisher Reviews
  • Move On Motherf*cker (MOMF) is a modern, efficacious self-help tool kit designed to provide relief for people with common mental health issues surrounding depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, bad habits, and personal or work-related relationship problems. Readers will discover how to change and improve problematic behavior patterns and negative thoughts through a series of compelling vignettes, exercises, and self-reflections without getting lost in the weeds of therapeutic psychobabble. It’s a ‘hell-yes,’ hands-on, user-friendly approach to begin feeling empowered to get better.”
    Timothy Jay, PhD, professor of psychology emeritus at Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts, and author of Why We Curse

  • “Honest, salty self-talk can be a true balm for anxiety, shame, sadness, and despair. So take it from one motherf*cker to another: move on, and read this book!”
    Sarah Knight, New York Times bestselling author of Calm the F*ck Down

  • “MOMF is like that blunt friend who calls you on your sh*t and puts things into f*cking perspective. Using humor, a lot of profanity, and the foundation of cognitive behavior therapy (CBT), Eckleberry-Hunt’s book guides readers through a reality check, and teaches them to change the voice of negativity and doubt to that of a motherf*cker who is ready to kick ass! This is a readers guide to self-empowerment!”
    Britt A. Nielsen, PsyD, ABPP, associate professor of psychiatry and psychology at The MetroHealth System and Case Western Reserve University

  • “I enthusiastically recommend MOMF to my patients, colleagues, friends, and family. This book is an incredible tool, incorporating humor, honesty, and a little rebelliousness on the journey to become the best version of ourselves. The vignettes, reflections, and activities are relevant and empowering. Using MOMF, you will laugh, learn, and hopefully find peace.”
    Lori Washe, MD, medical director for Premier Private Physicians in Troy, MI; family medicine practitioner for twenty years; and clinical faculty member at Oakland University William Beaumont Medical School

  • “If you are searching for help living your best life, this book is for you! MOMF teaches you how to use profanity and humor to move past negative self-talk toward reaching your goals and finding peace and happiness. MOMF is the friend that gives it to you straight and urges you to move forward. There isn’t a friend, family member, or patient of mine that couldn’t benefit from reading this.”
    —Jennifer Tucciarone, MD, family medicine physician

  • “In a sea of self-help books, it is understandable to ask, ‘why this one?’ Simply put, this is the book to get if you are finally ready to change your life. You will get straight talk about how to move on and begin truly living your life today. Written in an engaging and humorous style, this book delivers. I will be strongly recommending this book to my patients.”
    Darren R. Jones, PhD, LP, director of behavioral medicine clinical operations, and director of resident wellness at Beaumont Health


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