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Professional Catalogs

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Professional Catalog

Our professional catalog offers all the evidence-based tools mental health professionals need to keep their libraries current with information on the latest psychology trends and research. This catalog features books, CDs, and DVDs clinicians can use to improve their practices, as well as effective self-help books and workbooks for clients.

New Harbinger's Professional Catalog

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Acceptance & Commitment Therapy Catalog

To stay on the cutting edge of developments in acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT), browse our ACT catalog. The books in this catalog include the latest updates from renowned leaders and researchers in the field of ACT to help professionals stay current.

The Instant Help Books Catalog

Founded by renowned child psychologist Lawrence E. Shapiro, Instant Help Books offers powerful self-help resources for children and teens. These evidence-based books and workbooks are written by leading psychologists, physicians, and professionals, and outline practical tips and strategies for dealing with a variety of mental health issues and life challenges that teens and children face, such as depression, anxiety, bullying, eating disorders, stress, trauma, and self-esteem problems.

2019 Instant Help Catalog


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