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Rebuilding Facilitator's Manual

Rebuilding Facilitator's Manual
When Your Relationship Ends
Second Edition




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ISBN: 9780960725021
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About the Book

This manual is designed to be used with Rebuilding: When Your Relationship Ends, and the Rebuilding Workbook in leading the "Fisher Rebuilding Ten Week Educational Seminar." This manual includes everything that is in the Rebuilding Workbook plus other material such as the "How to Facilitate" sections and the Fisher Divorce Adjustment Scale scoring and research data. It is written to answer any questions leaders might have about facilitating the Seminar.


Bruce Fisher (Author)
Bruce Fisher, EdD, (1931–1998) developed the ‘rebuilding’ model of divorce recovery nearly forty years ago. As founder and director of the Family Relations Learning Center in Boulder, CO, he personally trained thousands of individuals and therapists... Read more

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Jere Bierhaus (Contributing Writer)

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