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Reservation Nation

Reservation Nation





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ISBN: 9781893448049
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About the Book

A powerful tale of great rhythm and grace, David Fuller Cook's Reservation Nation is a complex portrait of life on a North Carolina Indian reservation. The story is told by Warren Eubanks, a young man who struggles to unlearn the lessons of his childhood on the reservation. Eubanks' imperative to uncover truth takes him down Reservation Road to the American Indian Movement and tribal politics. This journey is punctuated by land grabs, oil and mineral rip-offs, murders, and betrayals — a litany of long-nurtured grievances that pit Indian against Indian.

Take David Fuller Cook's trip to Reservation Nation and you'll find a remarkable people and come to know an unforgettable young man who stays true to his tribe while he learns to look the world in the face.


David Cook (Author)
David Fuller Cook lives near the Eno River, in North Carolina, and his love for the river has led him to preserve the oral history of the Eno in stories and songs. As a naturalist and educator Cook cofounded, in 1989, the bio-regionally based... Read more

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