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Contextual Behavior Science

The result of the Nevada Conference on Acceptance and Change, held at the University of Nevada in January of 1993, this book explores the results of clinical empirical investigations into acceptance... More Info
While the general wisdom has it that behaviorism is dead, it not only survives but is intellectually active in areas such as psychological theory, the analysis of language and cognition, and... More Info
This volume, originating from the First International Institute on Verbal Relations, is current, innovative, and broad in scope. It brings together some of the leading behavioral theorists and... More Info
Behavior Analysis of Language and Cognition, originating from the Fourth International Institute on Verbal Relations, provides a contemporary look at the nature of stimulus relations and verbal... More Info
The United States is facing a healthcare crisis. Costs are escalating at unprecedented rates, and some 40 million Americans are uninsured. Despite staggering costs, accuracy in diagnosis is... More Info
Researchers have made significant progress in the behavioral sciences during the last forty years, but, as a society, we have achieved few widespread cultural improvements as a result. This book... More Info