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Serenity to Go

Serenity to Go
Calming Techniques for Your Hectic Life




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ISBN: 9781572242357
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About the Book

Serenity to Go is a refreshing antidote for overbooked lives that can help you transform the frustrations of your busy day into calming mini-breaks. Yoga instructor and long-time busy New Yorker Mina Hamilton presents a set of techniques that take from two to five minutes and can fit into any jam-packed schedule. Designed to span a range of activities throughout the day, each of her easy-to-learn exercises is keyed to a specific locale: a traffic jam, an elevator ride, a bank line, a commuter train, and many more. Learn how to breathe more effectively, stretch in safe and inconspicuous ways, develop calming attitudes that increase compassion and gratitude, and enjoy light-hearted diversions for waiting out a don’t-walk sign or taking a stroll to the water cooler.


Mina Hamilton lives in Brooklyn, NY, where she has been teaching stress reduction and yoga for nine years at her own studio and as a faculty member of the Spoke the Hub Re:Creation Center. A charismatic public speaker and a widely published author,... Read more

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