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The Shelbys Need Help!

The Shelbys Need Help!
A Choose-Your-Own-Solutions Guidebook for Parents




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ISBN: 9781886230163
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About the Book

“Choose-your-own-solutions,” or invite your children to join in and help solve the Shelby family battles. This fun blend of sitcom vignettes and sound parenting advice focuses on real family issues: waking up on time, dressing, fighting amongst siblings, eating, homework, baths, bedtime, and more. Helps children understand responsibility and consequences for misbehavior, and learn valuable parenting skills they can use later in life.


Kenneth West (Author)
Ken West, PhD, is professor and director of the Center for Family Education at Lynchburg College in Virginia. He is the author of Parenting Without Guilt and The 21 Deadly Myths of Parenting, and has written a newspaper column for families for 15... Read more

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“Engaging, entertaining and useful teaching tool for parents! West understands children and knows how to help their parents... unique format will keep parents involved while they learn... ideas are practical and proven, and can help any parent with every child.”
Don Dinkmeyer, Jr., PhD, co-author, Step: Systematic Training for Effective Parenting

“...sure to be a hit with anybody who cares about today's children. The Shelbys capture our best and worst parenting efforts... and most of what's in between.”
Michael H. Popkin, PhD, author, Active Parenting Today

“A very creative approach to the perennial problems of parenthood. Engaging, humorous, realistic, well-written... a solid collection of helpfulness packaged in a fun format.”
John Rosemond, author, Raising a Nonviolent Child

“...pure, practical art... evokes laughter and contemplation... reveals that parenting IS an art, not a science. No parent should be without this treasure chest [by] one of education's foremost authorities on parenting...”
Dr. Bill Robinson, President, Whitworth College

“...the perfect parenting resource... A healthy, respectful, and nurturing model for dealing with all of parenting's most common and most difficult challenges... Allows parents to see how their well-intentioned reactions might actually be escalating problems.”
Jeannie Booth, Guidance Counselor, Lynchburg, VA

“Ken West has done it again. I don't know of anyone else in the field... who can reach people with such clear and compelling messages... speaks to parents in a voice that is encouraging and instructive.”
J. David Smith , Dean of Education, Longwood College

“...clear, concise and easily understood... straightforward, direct and easily applicable... immediately useful to parents... This 'solution focused' approach... is extremely appealing.”
F. Donald Kelly, PhD, Florida State University

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