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Solid to the Core

Solid to the Core
Simple Exercises to Increase Core Strength and Flexibility




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About the Book

Like your house, your body needs a strong foundation to support it. In your body this foundation is made up of your core, a set of muscles and muscle groups that extend from the base of your spine to the area around your pelvis, including the muscles of your abdominal wall and back. Exercises that strengthen these muscles will foster stability and support for all activities you engage in-from carrying groceries to training for competitive sports.

Solid to the Core offers a customizable, progressive program of exercises you can use to strengthen your core. As you blend these exercises into your own personal fitness program, you'll learn to overcome your personal weaknesses and muscle imbalances, reducing pain and risk of stress injuries in the process. In no time at all, you'll discover the power and efficiency that can come from having a strong and stable core.

Customize your own personal exercise program to:

  • Minimize your risk of injury
  • Correct muscle imbalances
  • Achieve better posture
  • Relieve chronic muscle and joint pain
  • Feel strong, energetic, powerful, and healthy


Janique Farand-Taylor, PT, ACE, is a certified registered sports physiotherapist and certified personal trainer. She also practices craniosacral therapy and acupuncture. She owns a private practice in Toronto specializing in sports and orthopedic... Read more

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Ian Finkelstein (Foreword by)
Foreword writer Ian Finkelstein, MD, is a physician in private practive in Toronto, ON, Canada.

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"Only in recent years has the importance of core strength, which involves the muscles of the abdomen, the back, and the pelvis, been fully recognized. The author has addressed this subject in a very scientific yet practical way. She describes how one can analyze their personal need for fitness and then how to improve their fitness level by doing simple core exercises, which progressively become more difficult. The exercises are well illustrated and easily understood. I can highly recommend this book for anyone who has the desire to improve their fitness level and their lifestyle."
—Robert W. Jackson, OC, MD, FRCS(C), chief emeritus in the Department of Orthopaedic Surgery at Baylor University Medical Center

"As a former Olympic athlete in alpine skiing, and now working professional, I had suffered and continue to suffer from periodic back ailments, and I would definitely tell my friends that Solid to the Core is a must read."
—Jim Kirby, former Olympian, member of the Canadian National Ski Team, and general manager of the sports section at Publicis Canada
"Solid to the Core is a great resource book for all athletes and rehabilitation specialists. The exercises and progressions allow all athletes to continually challenge their core musculature. This can only enhance your overall athletic performance and health."
—Chris Broadhurst, CAT(c), head athletic therapist for the Phoenix Coyotes Hockey Team
"Anything written by Janique Farand-Taylor is worth reading. It could change your life. Working out with Janique as my instructor for the past five years has certainly changed mine—for the better. She makes a difference."
—Ted Rogers, president and CEO of Rogers Communications,Inc., in Toronto, ON, Canada

"Janique Farand-Taylor gives you all of the tools to understand where you need to start and how to progress through the various levels of core strengthening. The program is fully outlined and explained in detail so that you can achieve strength, balance, and well-being. This program helped me get back on track and reach the TOP!"
—Lori-Ann Muenzer, 2004 Olympic Gold Medalist in Track Cycling-Match Sprints

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