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acceptance and commitment therapy

By Robyn D. Walser, PhD

“There is nothing that will ever change what happened…there is no place to turn to. These experiences have invaded and ruined every aspect of my life. There is nothing anyone can do.”  —Client in therapy

Robyn D. Walser, PhD, author of The Heart of ACT

Letting Go: Opening to Change

By Louise McHugh, PhD, co-author of A Contextual Behavioral Guide to the Self

Russ: Given there are already a bazillion-and-one books on “self,” why did you write this one? How is it different to all the others?

By John Astin, author of This Extraordinary Moment

The past and future exist as mere dreams. What is truly alive is only ever this flash instant, this tiny, yet infinite sliver of “now,” a now that need not be practiced or cultivated for it is always and forever the only thing that could ever exist.

by Darrah Westrup, PhD, author of Learning ACT for Group Treatment


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