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By Laura Koniver, MD, author of The Earth Prescription

With the unique stressors that humanity is facing during this global pandemic, it’s important to have an arsenal of tools that can be accessed anytime, anywhere—including at home—to support our health. 

During this time of COVID-19, the life we had and the world we knew, too suddenly it seems, are gone. This has left many of us feeling stressed and lost in thoughts such as: What happens next? or, How long must we endure this new reality before things get better?

This free e-booklet, A Guide to Self-Care for Practitioners in Times of Uncertainty, is for therapists and clinicians working to help others through these difficult times. As a mental health professional, there are no doubt moments when you struggle with painful thoughts and feelings in your work with clients, as well as in your own life. What does my client need right now? Can I provide it?

By Joanne Bagshaw, PhD

Working with clients via telehealth therapy platforms has many advantages, particularly in terms of maintaining accessibility for treatment during the COVID-19 pandemic.


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