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By Lauren Muhlheim, PsyD author of When Your Teen Has an Eating Disorder

In the treatment of eating disorders, clinicians and medical professionals often say that food is medicine. What does this mean?

Starvation Study

A Letter from Neil D. Brown, LCSW

Parent-teen power struggles are nothing new.  Teenagers pushing back against parental expectations and limits are a normal part of adolescent development.  This is how kids move towards independence and prepare for emancipation. 

By Dr. Robin Barnett, EdD, LCSW

An addiction in the family can take a heavy toll, especially if that family member is your parent. So what can you do if you discover parent (or grandparent) has an addiction? Here are some healthy interactions to try:

By Fugen Neziroglu, PhD

Body dysmorphic disorder (BDD) is a preoccupation with a perceived physical defect, and usually causes extreme distress and impairment in one's functioning. BDD is very similar to obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) because the individual obsesses and engages in compulsions. As of 2014, it is known to be a disorder related to OCD. It is a serious disorder that affects close to 5 million Americans. Most of these individuals go to dermatologists, or want to seek treatment from cosmetic surgeons. Unfortunately, neither of these specialties bring relief from symptoms. Unless treated, BDD leads 40% of the people to become homebound, 28% to be hospitalized, and nearly 29% to attempt suicide—with some percentage succeeding. 

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