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Free E-book Friday

Dear Readers, 

We've had a blast giving you free e-books over the last several months and we hope you've had a chance to take advantage of some of our amazing resources. After this week, Free E-Book Fridays will be taking a hiatus, but as always we will continue to update the blog regularly with original articles and interviews that highlight mental health trends geared specifically toward mental health professionals. If you have an idea or tip for the blog, please e-mail our editor, Jessica Dore

Happy New Year! Today's free e-book should interest many of you across the field of behavioral medicine, whether you're a psychologist, psychiatrist, primary care physician, health care provider, health educator, social worker, or any other position that involves helping patients prevent disease, manage symptoms, and promote overall health.

Happy holidays! Free E-Book Fridays will be on a brief hiatus for the holidays. We will return on the first Friday in January 2015.

In the meantime, keep your eye on the blog for some great new articles.

We thank you for your continued support and attention!

Have a happy and healthy New Year. 

We all have our own ways of handling stressful situations without letting emotions get the best of us, but some ways of coping work better than others. Short-term fixes that help us avoid or numb our emotions may temporarily alleviate sadness and anger, but can also end up causing anxiety, depression, chronic anger, and even physical health problems. If you struggle with overwhelming emotions and feel trapped by unhealthy patterns, this workbook is your ticket out.

Across the majority of contemporary psychotherapeutic modalities, mindfulness is used in one way or another. Whether your particular approach is entirely mindfulness-based or you simply incorporate mindfulness practice as a tool in treatment, there is an increasing demand for mental health professionals who can develop effective treatment protocols that incorporate mindfulness, suited to the needs of individual clients.

It's officially holiday season, and for those who experience anxiety symptoms it can be one of the toughest times of the year. Whether you struggle with anxiety of your own, or would like a helpful resource to recommend to your clients who struggle, today's free e-book pick, The DBT Skills Workbook for Anxiety: Breaking Free from Worry, Panic, PTSD, and other Anxiety Symptoms can help.

It's Friday again, our favorite day of the week and not just because it's the weekend. Every Friday, we go into the New Harbinger archives and dig up gems from our backlist that make great free e-books for 20 lucky winners.

Happy Friday! Today's free e-book is for those who work with students with autism and other developmental disabilites.

The holiday season can be anything but joyful for those who struggle with body image dissatisfaction. Today's free e-book pick, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy for Body Image Dissatisfaction is a manual for practitioners seeking to help clients let go of self-judgment and preoccupation with body image. It presents a clear plan for showing clients how to clarify their values to help broaden their lives and refocus on what is most meaningful and vital to them.


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