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gender identity

By Sand Chang, PhD, co-author of A Clinician's Guide to Gender-Affirming Care

I work in the interdisciplinary field of transgender health. I’m also a nonbinary person and go by they/them/their pronouns. When I first started working with other trans people over fifteen years ago, this work was only on the fringes of cultural awareness for most mental health professionals, a niche or specialty that did not concern most.

An increasing number of children are asserting their gender in unexpected ways. To understand and support these little humans, it is imperative that we have the language and information that reflects their experiences.

First, let’s make sure we understand the basic and distinctly separate tenets of gender. Assigned sex is the label of male or female given upon birth, determined almost exclusively by genitalia. 

By Matthew D. Skinta, PhD, ABPP

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