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For the last several weeks we’ve been presenting views and definitions from a variety of researchers and psychotherapists on the consuming and powerful force commonly referred to as love. We’re just about ready to move on to other subjects (we promise we’ll return to love again, eventually), but need to add one final point.

A letter from Carolyn Daitch, PhD and Lissah Lorberbaum, MA

This Is It. This Is Enough. This Is What It Is (And It Isn’t Anything Else)

by Richard Sylvester 

In the everyday sense, we usually think of “knowledge” as experiencing the availability of lots of facts. We normally think of “love” as experiencing lots of warm feelings about someone or something.

But what makes these experiences possible? It is that which is already present for these experiences. And what is that? It turns out that it is already knowledge and love!


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