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A letter from Carolyn Daitch, PhD and Lissah Lorberbaum, MA

A Letter from Sheela Raja, PhD

Traumatic events like accidents, domestic violence, combat, natural disasters, and sexual assault can have a huge impact on people’s lives. They shake our belief systems to the core and influence our ability to connect with others. As a clinician and a researcher, I have been amazed by our ability to survive and thrive after trauma when given the right set of tools and support.

A Letter from Neil Lavender, Phd, and Dr. Alan Cavaiola, PhD

A Letter from Sherrie M. Vavrichek, LCSW-C

Many people find it difficult to express their feelings, make requests, or bring up "delicate matters" with others. This can happen for various reasons. Some may fear rejection, while others believe that asserting oneself is rude or disrespectful. But is it really a good idea to be non-assertive when you have legitimate concerns?

A Letter from Louise Hayes, PhD and Joseph Ciarrochi, PhD

Popular media depicts the ‘Net Generation’ as self-centered and largely focused on status updates, posts, and texting. The reality is far from this. Our work with young people has shown that they often feel disconnected, believing the world sees them as ‘problems to be solved.’ We want something better for them.

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