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By David Carbonell, PhD, author of Outsmart Your Anxious Brain

If you suffer from panic attacks, phobias, obsessive thoughts, and all the other ways that chronic anxiety disorders can hijack your life and your freedom, here’s the good news:

You can overcome this. You can get your life back.

By Martin N. Seif, PhD, and Sally M. Winston, PhD, coauthors of Needing to Know for Sure

When confronted with uncertainty, it is natural to seek some reassurance that our solution is reasonable, rational, “makes sense,” or otherwise good enough. We all seek out the type of reassurance that works well to calm a doubt, allay a worry, solidify a plan of action, or guide a decision.

By Steven C. Hayes, PhD

Part six of a six-part series on ACT processes

A normal problem-solving mode of mind draws clients into the idea that where they are isn’t desirable and they need to be somewhere else. Jobs need to be changed, relationships fixed. More often than not, therapists go along, but this view directs attention toward getting, not the dynamics of doing.

By Margaret Robinson Rutherford, PhD, author of Perfectly Hidden Depression

In 2014, as I approached writing my weekly blog post, I decided to describe some of my patients who, when first seen, didn’t seem melancholy, agitated, or even sad. They were highly engaged with life and appeared very successful, expressing uncertainty and even guilt about coming to therapy.

Part one of a six-part series on ACT processes

By Steven C. Hayes, PhD

Part three of a six-part series on ACT processes

By Steven C. Hayes, PhD

By Alicia del Prado, PhD

Broaching microaggressions that occur in therapy tends to be challenging. As the therapist, you are faced with the decision to address the microaggression or let it go. This choice is difficult for many therapists who don’t want to hurt the therapeutic alliance, but also want to be transparent about their commitment to social justice.


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