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By Martin N. Seif, PhD, and Sally M. Winston, PhD, coauthors of Needing to Know for Sure

When confronted with uncertainty, it is natural to seek some reassurance that our solution is reasonable, rational, “makes sense,” or otherwise good enough. We all seek out the type of reassurance that works well to calm a doubt, allay a worry, solidify a plan of action, or guide a decision.

By Rebekah Younger, MFA, author of author of Be, Awake, Create

Create: to bring something into existence

by Robert Leahy, PhD, author of The Jealousy Cure

Jealousy can easily take over our relationships, make us angry, agitated, and depressed, and hijack our emotions. Sexual jealousy can be so powerful that it can even lead people to break up their romantic relationships. So, if something can be so destructive, why do we feel jealous? Why are we the cause of our own suffering? Do we want to suffer?

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