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Take Control of Your Divorce

Take Control of Your Divorce
Strategies to Stop Fighting & Start Co-Parenting




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ISBN: 9781886230972
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About the Book

Hostile and contentious divorces aren’t uncommon. But if you’ve been separated or divorced for more than a year or two and things haven’t gotten better, something is very wrong.

If you’re not working together in a spirit of cooperation for the good of your children, you have not resolved the emotions following a divorce so you can go about the important job ahead: co-parenting your children!

You can change the unproductive communication cycle you and your co-parent may have developed and go from a relationship featuring anger and hostility to one less volatile, more cooperative, and healthier for your children. Children caught up in post-divorce conflict are in considerable danger to suffer physically, emotionally, and behaviorally.

The authors’ intent for this book is to help you save your children—and yourself—from the ravages of anger, hostility, and conflict. They give you specific strategies you can use to resolve, overlook, or put aside the conflicts with your co-parent and get to the crucial task of being good parents.


Judith Margerum (Author)
Judith Margerum, PhD, is a clinical psychologist and co-director of the Michigan Family Institute. Dr. Margerum received her doctorate from the University of Detroit and has over 20 years' experience working with families experiencing difficult... Read more

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Jerome Price (Author)
Jerome A. Price, MA, is the director and founder of the Michigan Family Institute. A Regional Faculty Member for the Family Therapy Institute of Washington, D.C., he is a well-known supervisor and strategic therapist consulting for mental health... Read more

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James Windell (Author)
James Windell, MA, is a court psychologist at the Oakland County (Michigan) Circuit Court where he conducts group therapy with adolescent delinquents and treats high-conflict divorce couples. He is the author of several parenting and medical books,... Read more

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“When children are involved, marriage is an ‘irrevocable trust’ that transcends divorce. Take Control of Your Divorce is a comprehensive, eminently practical guide that will help high-conflict couples avoid needlessly acrimonious pitfalls, and build a foundation for their children to thrive. I will keep copies on hand for my clients.”
Jeffrey K. Zeig, PhD, Director, The Milton H. Erickson Foundation

&ldquot;An excellent resource for separated and divorced couples who are caught on the treadmill of high conflict co-parenting...practical advice to co-parents on managing their anger, learning the importance of forgiving, and learning to let go of their battles.”
Philip Stahl, PhD, author of Parenting After Divorce and Conducting Child Custody Evaluations: From Basic to Complex Issues

“With plenty of advice from professionals, Take Control of Your Divorce is a strong pick for anyone who doesn't want their relationship to end in hate on all fronts.”
Wisconsin Bookwatch, March 2011

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