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Talk to Me

Talk to Me
Conversation Tips for the Small-Talk Challenged




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ISBN: 9781572243316
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About the Book

At work or play, this little book offers practical, hip, and witty advice for enhancing conversation skills.

Learn how to deal with bores, narcissists, and overdisclosers; disagree with someone respectfully; deal with aggressive behavior; start a conversation; disengage from a conversation; and deepen connection through conversation.

Are you tongue-tied at parties? Terrified by confrontation? Do you fret and worry after every conversation? This book, a sassy, nuts-and-bolts guide, teaches you to find your silver tongue and become a sparkling conversationalist.

With bite-sized chapters like 'Wallflowers Anonymous' (starting conversations, speaking up), 'The Old Switcheroo' (changing the subject), and 'Shock the Monkey' (spicing up the conversation), find savvy, usable tips to improve small-talk skills, speak up with confidence, and make everyday social interactions more interesting and engaging.

Learn to beat that awkward feeling. Speak with your own unique and captivating voice. Look forward to casual conversation.


Carole Honeychurch, MA, is a freelance writer, relationship expert, and is the coauthor of After the Breakup, The Self-Esteem Companion,and Love Tune-Ups. She lives in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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Angela Watrous (Author)
Angela Watrous is a freelance writer and relationship expert. The coauthor of After the Breakup, Love Tune-Ups, and Bare Your Soul, her work has also appeared on MSN, AOL, and... Read more

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