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Teen Esteem

Teen Esteem
A Self-Direction Manual for Young Adults
Third Edition




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ISBN: 9781886230873
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About the Book

Depression, violence, pressures to succeed, eating disorders—being a teenager seems more difficult with every generation. Confronted daily with demands from parents, teachers, and peers, teens have to have refusal skills and positive attitudes to meet the challenges of life in a world which requires them to grow up before their time. Without patronizing or lecturing, Teen Esteem helps teenagers develop the skills needed to handle stress, peer pressure, substance abuse, anger, sexual expression, more. The third edition includes new material on being different, self-acceptance, cyber-bullying, and coping with depression (in oneself and in others).


Pat Palmer (Author)
Pat Palmer, EdD, (1928-2015) was a psychologist and former director of the Assertiveness Training Institute of Denver. She counseled adults and young people throughout the U.S. in the areas of assertiveness and self-esteem and was author of several... Read more

Books by Pat Palmer

Teen Esteem Third Edition
Melissa Froehner (Author)
Melissa Alberti Froehner, B.A., is a businesswoman, writer, and mother of three who has worked extensively with young people.

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Teen Esteem Third Edition


Teen Esteem explores ways for young people to develop the skills they will need to navigate the treacherous waters of the teenage years...an excellent starting point for conversations, and constructive problem solving skills teamed with practical, helpful exercises that give teens the tools they need to make important decisions, and then stand by them.”
East Oregonian

“...a thoughtful guide and excellent gift for anyone about to join the ranks of teenagerdom.”
Wisconsin Bookwatch, February 2011

Teen Esteem is a guide for teens who want to stay in control of their lives during a time of sweeping changes... new responsibilities, fear for the future, sexuality, and the evils of the world. Teen Esteem(is) a powerful tool in this battle.”
Library Bookwatch, September 2010

“It's written...in a direct, positive and useful manner which I think could really help a young person struggling to make sense of the world and their place in it.”
Muskoka Advance, Ontario, Canada

“...helps build in teenagers 'both refusal skills and positive attitudes to meet the challenges of life as ‘not-quite-adults’—peer pressure, substance abuse, sexual expression, etc.”
Youthworker Update

“...a wonderful book...a discovery book.”
Star Tribune, Minneapolis, MN

“The authors worked closely with teenagers when writing this book, and they use real-life situations to illustrate the strategies that will help them control their lives.”
Skidmore Voices

“Dr. Palmer's advice is calm and nonjudgmental. She doesn't lecture to her readers.”
Work & Family Life newsletter

“Adults will welcome its informed perspective on ways teens can take charge of their lives by nurturing healthy self-esteem and making choices crucial to self-actualization.”
Jean Kozlowski, Cricket in the Corner, Virtual North Woods, www.vnw.org

“I was surprised... I'd read most of it without even realizing it! The book is impressive.”
A.P., age 17

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