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A Tether Tied to Space

A Tether Tied to Space
Epigrams and Subversions




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ISBN: 9781908664389
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About the Book

A paradoxical, irreligious confrontation with the (almost) “unbearable lightness of being” is John Veen's description of his approach. This original collection of “epigrams and subversions” seems to come direct from a spring of truth, without a taint of what John calls “stolen goods” or borrowed truths. John's light and humorous touch hides a fierce directness which leaves no ground for us to stand. Read this as poetry and wisdom and you won't be disappointed. Read it and really get it—then “you” will be blown away.


John Veen (Author)
John Veen is a poet and working stiff from Central California by way of Michigan. He facilitates an irregular non-duality dialog in Fresno, C.A., and edits the website: www.nopathnoself.net.

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