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Transforming Anxiety

Transforming Anxiety
The HeartMath Solution for Overcoming Fear and Worry and Creating Serenity




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ISBN: 9781572244443
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About the Book

The Perfect Antidote to Anxiety

Feelings of anxiety can sap your energy, joy, and vitality. But now the scientists at the Institute of HeartMathr have adapted their revolutionary techniques into a fast and simple program that you can use to break free from anxiety once and for all.

At the core of the HeartMath method is the idea that our thoughts and emotions affect our heart rhythms. By focusing on positive feelings such as appreciation, care, or compassion, you can create coherence in these rhythms-with amazing results. Using the HeartMath method, you'll learn to engage your heart to bring your emotions, body, and mind into balance. Relief from anxiety, optimal health, and high performance all day long will follow.

(HeartMathr is a registered trademark of the Institute of HeartMath.)


Doc Childre (Author)
Doc Childre is the founder and chairman of the scientific advisory board of the Institute of HeartMath, the chairman of HeartMath LLC, and the chairman and CEO of Quantum Intech. He is the author of seven books and a consultant to business leaders,... Read more

Books by Doc Childre

Deborah Rozman (Author)
Deborah Rozman, PhD, is a psychologist, author, and editor with thirty years of experience as an educator and business executive. She is executive vice president of Quantum Intech, overseeing strategic alliances and the expansion of HeartMath... Read more

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“I recommend HeartMath without reservation to all individuals and organizations that are striving to create with the compassion and intelligence of the heart.”
—Gary Zukav, author of The Seat of the Soul and The Dancing Wu Li Masters

“Doc Childre and Deborah Rozman have developed a very usable and effective approach to anxiety that is grounded in research, as well as an accumulation of treatment based experience. Their techniques are strategically laid out to build one upon another and can be extremely helpful to people with a variety of anxiety problems.”
—Stephen I. Sideroff, PhD, clinical psychologist and assistant professor in the Department of Psychiatry and Biobehavioral Sciences the University of California, Los Angeles

Transforming Anxiety is a powerful guide to using positive emotions and loving kindness to reduce anxiety in its myriad of forms. Drawing on both science and common sense, the HeartMath tools will be helpful to anyone when practiced as taught in this straight-forward and easy-to-read book.”
—Frederic Luskin, Ph.D., director of the Stanford Forgiveness Projects and author Forgive for Good

“HeartMath offers individuals of all ages effective strategies to cope with the increasing stress and anxiety of everyday life, and therefore the opportunity to make wiser, less emotionally-charged decisions for themselves. Nearly everyone can benefit by using the HeartMath processes to manage the perpetual stresses each of us encounters. This book offers professionals and laypeople alike additional tools to improve their own quality of life and that of their patients and clients.”
—Lilli Friedland, Ph.D., ABPP, member of the Council of Representatives of the American Psychological Association, and past president of the APA's Division 46, Media Psychology

“Once again the masters of the heart and mind connection have developed brave new in-roads into the realm of humankind. It is no wonder that we continue to see magic from their insights. HeartMath is an unending guide to the inner self, the evolutionary brain and the enigmatic heart. My own experiences with HeartMath continue to underscore their unique approach to health and wellbeing. Outstanding self-directed knowledge, provided by their new approach to anxiety, not only serves to create better individuals and leaders, but ultimately better companies.”
—Cathy L. Greenberg, Ph.D., physical anthropologist; cofounder and managing partner of h2c (Happy Companies, Healthy People); and coauthor of What Happy Companies Know.

“The well-being and health benefits that can accrue when people apply the techniques developed by HeartMath can have a significant positive impact on often-incapacitating symptoms associated with anxiety and related syndromes. HeartMath techniques can have an impact on the biological mechanisms that underpin these conditions not only in individuals but groups of individuals in an organization. In my experience, HeartMath is an immensely powerful set of tools, as individuals with anxiety can learn to recognize and modify their own response, reducing the negative affect that anxiety and anxiety-induced symptoms can have on their well-being and overall health.”
—Tony Yardley-Jones, FFOM, FRCS, PhD, DipMedAc, director of West Berkshire Occupational Health at Royal Berkshire Hospital in Reading, UK

“As a caregiver to cancer patients, I know how essential emotional management is to the healing process. This book offers hope to those who struggle with anxiety and healing to those who put its principles into action. If you let this book into your heart, you will live a happier, healthier and, I believe, longer life.”
—Rev. Dr. Michael Barry, director of pastoral care for the Cancer Treatment Centers of America, Eastern Regional Medical Center, in Philadelphia, PA

“This latest work from HeartMath is a model for other self-help books. The reader is actually taught easy-to-use strategies that can resolve anxiety and other problems in living. HeartMath strategies can be learned and used without professional assistance or they can be taught by practitioners whose goal is to empower their clients. The case studies give the reader hope and confidence. I teach HeartMath concepts in many countries and have found them highly effective with people of widely diverse cultural, geographic, and religious characteristics. HeartMath methods produce healing whether used by themselves or in conjunction with the friendly biofeedback devices famously pioneered by the HeartMath team, which is to say that I have found them to work as well on an isolated tsunami-ravaged beach as in a comfortable clinic. I strongly recommend this book both to individuals seeking to treat themselves, and to their teachers."
—John Hartung, Psy.D., clinical psychologist and teacher at the Colorado School of Professional Psychology, and coauthor of Energy Psychology and EMDR

Transforming Anxiety is a unique work of compassionate science. The reader will discover, within it's pages, heartfelt empathy whose genesis is founded in some of the most intriguing research of our time. It is an operator’s manual for anyone who has ever been caught in the wake of the emotional tsunami known as anxiety. But it is so much more for those who take its wisdom to heart. It is a road map to inner peace and a greater sense of fulfillment.”
—Dan Baker, Ph.D., founding director of the Life Enhancement Center at Canyon Ranch and adjunct faculty member at the University of Arizona, College of Medicine

“I called HeartMath to ask them to help after Hurricane Katrina—and they did. We have been using HeartMath techniques with the evacuees with great results. Our clients are pleased and so are we with the effectiveness HeartMath brings into our clinical practice. I am familiar with most of the HeartMath literature, and in my opinion, Transforming Anxiety, is the best book put out by HeartMath to date. It conceptualizes the HeartMath philosophy and combines practical tools, science, and examples in a coherent blend of simplicity that makes it understandable for the layperson and provocatively insightful for the clinician. It has stirred my mind and my heart!”
—Butch Robicheaux, LCSW, clinical director of Family Service of Baton Rouge, LA

“The power and genius of HeartMath's solution for transforming anxiety is found in its simplicity. The proven techniques shared in this book can be practiced anytime, anywhere, by anyone, and I am confident they will not only transform your anxiety but also transform your life.”
—Jon Gordon, America's #1 energy coach and author of The 10 Minute Energy Solution

Transforming Anxiety is a fantastic and functional read for anyone who wishes to bring more balance and alignment into their life. This book gives you the most practical guidance of how to manage your emotional energy. It helps to identify the very nature of anxiety, fear, and the internal loops we create, so that we can truly understand how best to evolve from them.”
— Kansas Carradine, star of Cavalia, the Equestrian Cirque du Soleil

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