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Treating Depression in Primary Care

Treating Depression in Primary Care
A Manual for Primary Care and Mental Health Providers





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ISBN: 9781878978264
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About the Book

This brief practitioner's guide describes simple and practical strategies for assessing and treating depression using techniques adapted to the fast pace of primary care. The book shows how these strategies may be implemented by physicians alone or in coordination with an on-site mental health provider.

The integrated-care program focuses on selecting appropriate medication and behavioral interventions for patients, involving him or her as a partner to treatment. This personal involvement dramatically increases patient treatment compliance. Regular monitoring of progress and formulation of a strong relapse prevention plan rounds out the approach. The book contains necessary clinical forms, excellent patient education materials, and specific protocols for communicating with managed care reviewers.


Alison Del Vento (Author)

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Patricia J. Robinson, PhD, is director of training and program evaluation at Mountainview Consulting Group, Inc., a firm that assists health care systems with integrating behavioral health services into primary care settings. She is coauthor of Real... Read more

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Charles Wischman (Author)

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