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Trigger Point Therapy for Low Back Pain

Trigger Point Therapy for Low Back Pain
A Self-Treatment Workbook




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About the Book

Learn the secrets to lasting pain relief: finding and deactivating trigger points, the underlying cause of most low back pain. Trigger points are sensitive tight spots in taut bands of muscle tissue. Treating trigger points that refer pain to the low back and buttock areas, rather than addressing only the specific sites of your pain, is the best way to comprehensively treat occasional or chronic discomfort and prevent it from coming back.

Packed with illustrated treatment techniques, Trigger Point Therapy for Low Back Pain offers effective strategies beginners can practice at home and detailed hands-on protocols health care practitioners can use while working with patients. Find out which of eleven muscles could be causing back pain, then learn specific trigger point treatments and correct underlying perpetuating factors to immediately relieve soreness and tension in these muscles. If you're ready to try a targeted approach to eliminating back pain, this manual will provide you with all the information you need to get started and end low back discomfort once and for all.


Mary Biancalana (Author)
Mary Biancalana, MS, CMTPT, LMT, is a certified myofascial trigger point therapist in Chicago, IL, who has been treating chronic and acute soft tissue pain since 1999. She has been a personal trainer and fitness instructor since 1986. Biancalana... Read more

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Bernard Filner (Foreword by)
Foreword writer Bernard E. Filner, MD, is a practicing anesthesiologist and non-interventional pain medicine practitioner with more than forty years of experience. A leading expert on pain treatment, Filner has held faculty positions at the... Read more

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Sharon Sauer (Author)
Sharon Sauer, CMTPT, LMT, is a myofascial trigger point therapist who has practiced in Chicago, IL, since 1986. She has successfully treated thousands of patients with chronic and acute soft tissue pain. Sauer has made significant contributions to... Read more

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"This book does modern medicine a great service. [and is] presented effectively for the primary reader, the patient."
-David G. Simons, MD, associate voluntary professor at Emory University and coauthor, with Janet Travell, of Myofascial Pain and Dysfunction: The Trigger Point Manual, V.1 and V.2

"... a gold mine of information in a user-friendly format. I recommend this book to all who suffer from occasional or chronic low back pain."
-Robert D. Gerwin, MD, associate professor of neurology at Johns Hopkins University

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