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Trigger Point Therapy for Repetitive Strain Injury

Trigger Point Therapy for Repetitive Strain Injury
Your Self-Treatment Workbook for Elbow, Lower Arm, Wrist, & Hand Pain




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ISBN: 9781608821273
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About the Book

Repetitive strain injuries to the shoulder, back, and arm can cause debilitating pain that keeps you from being able to perform even the most basic everyday tasks. Compounding the frustration, it can seem that there’s nothing you can do to ease the discomfort caused by your injury and speed your recovery.

Trigger point therapy has helped hundreds of thousands of people recover from repetitive strain injuries of all kinds. Used by massage therapists, physical therapists, and other health care professionals, this powerful technique can dramatically improve the body’s capacity to heal. Trigger Point Therapy for Repetitive Strain Injury helps you find and treat the trigger points in muscle tissue that refer pain to your elbows, lower arms, wrists, or hands. Through simple stretching and pressure exercises you can do at home, you can reduce pain and increase mobility so you can get back to enjoying your life.

With this guidebook, you’ll:
• Identify the specific trigger points in muscles that are causing your pain
• Self-treat your pain with stretches and pressure targeted to your trigger points
• Learn how to prevent further muscle damage or injury
• Optimize your diet and body mechanics to speed recovery


Valerie DeLaune (Author)
Valerie DeLaune, L.Ac., is a licensed acupuncturist and certified neuromuscular therapist, with a master's degree in acupuncture from the Northwest Institute of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine and a bachelor of science degree from the University... Read more

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Renee Principe (Foreword by)

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“If you want to handle your repetitive strain injury, today is your lucky day. It is simple to apply Valerie DeLaune’s suggestions to your aching body. At the same time, this book is profound enough to teach an old dog like me a bunch of new tricks. If more people read and applied what is in this book, there would be fewer doctor visits and the world would be a happier place. Congratulations on your choice in reading this book and enjoy being pain-free.”
—Steven Lavitan, chiropractor, acupuncturist, nutritionist, and writer in Teaneck, NJ

“DeLaune has written a wonderful and comprehensive self-care book for upper limb and repetitive strain injuries. With easy-to-use self-diagnostic tools, treatment options, and helpful information on the prevention of musculoskeletal pain, this valuable resource is a must for everyone’s medicine cabinet.”
—Wendy Larson, MSPT, physical therapist and owner of Centre Point Physical Therapy in Portland, OR

“DeLaune adds another important pillar to the understanding of how ‘just a muscle problem’ can cause the pain and dysfunction we are taught to deal with or medicate. In this book, a reader/pain patient will experience a comprehensive approach to the self-treatment of myofascial pain caused by trigger points. This means that it addresses all the other considerations, including the ones surrounding the lives of chronic pain patients, which are most commonly overlooked, and offers simple-to-perform self-treatment approaches and techniques.”
—Jeffrey A. Lutz LMT, CMTPT, president of the National Association of Myofascial Trigger Point Therapists (NAMTPT)

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