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Trust Your Truth

Trust Your Truth
Heal Self-Doubt, Awaken to Your Soul's Purpose, and Live Your Badass Life





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ISBN: 9781684036998
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About the Book

It’s time to wake up and become the person you are here to be. In Trust Your Truth, Shannon Algeo invites you on a profound journey to move beyond self-doubt and live the badass life you are meant to live.  

Self-doubt intensifies whenever we give our power away to people and things outside of us. But your self-worth is always sourced from within you. Organized by the seven chakras—the energetic centers of the body—Trust Your Truth invites you to discover your truth on every level of YOU: to awaken to your true calling, accept yourself wholeheartedly, honor your emotions, trust your intuition, and measure success based on how true you can be to yourself—rather than the expectations of others.  

When you learn to trust your truth, you open yourself up to becoming the most empowered, present, and alive version of yourself. The powerful practices throughout this book are interwoven with raw, personal stories from Algeo’s own healing journey—showing you how aligning with your purpose and being the True You benefits everyone around you and your collective community as a whole. As Algeo says, “One of the bravest journeys is the journey inward.”  

Get ready for a journey from head to heart and beyond. This book will be your step forward onto a new path of deeper courage, rich insights, and profound wisdom as you uncover the power of who you truly are.


Shannon Algeo (Author)
Named one of the “35 Under 35 in Wellness to Watch” by Wanderlust, Shannon Algeo is a celebrated speaker, writer, life coach, and Yoga Nidra and meditation teacher. His popular podcast, SoulFeed, features interviews with iconic cultural and... Read more

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“Shannon Algeo inquires deeply into the questions that confront all of us now. Like a guide through a very dense forest, he paves a path and sheds light on where we need to walk. His hand is steady, his words encouraging, and the path he creates always moving in the direction of our spiritual truth.”
Marianne Williamson, author of A Return to Love and A Politics of Love

“Honest, earnest, brave, and liberating, Shannon’s practices and illuminating narratives in Trust Your Truth will guide you home to yourself.”
Elena Brower, best-selling author of Practice You

“Shannon is a gifted and authentic teacher. He bravely shares the truth of his life lessons and the practices that helped him find clarity, build resilience, and thrive. I highly recommend this book to anyone who seeks to live a fulfilling and abundant life that is aligned with purpose.”
Tracee Stanley, yoga teacher, and author of Radiant Rest and The Empowered Life Self-Inquiry Oracle Deck

Trust Your Truth is an intimate, well-organized, and thought-provoking spiritual road map that provides embodied tools for healing past trauma, and soulful insights that lead to greater self-confidence. Shannon Algeo’s relatable and honest storytelling sets the tone for personal inquiry, and his explanation of the body’s energy system (chakras)—and the questions and practices he offers for self-exploration—are intriguing and accessible. Trust Your Truth is a meaningful companion for anyone on the path toward healing, awakening, and purpose.”
Seane Corn, yoga teacher; cofounder of Off the Mat, Into the World; and author of Revolution of the Soul

“Shannon is pure love. A true healer who is healing himself and sharing his rich wisdom with us. Trust Your Truth is a potent and powerful book—a must-read for any spiritual seeker who is looking to go deeper, heal past trauma, and become a beacon of light in this world.”
Shaman Durek, sixth generation shaman; internationally renowned spiritual leader; and author of the best seller, Spirit Hacking

“Shannon Algeo is a sage for our times. And his life-changing book, Trust Your Truth, is a handbook for living. Vulnerable. Authentic. Uplifting. We are more than ready for this message!”
Sheri Salata, former executive producer for The Oprah Winfrey Show; and author of the best-selling memoir, The Beautiful No

“Full of depth, knowledge, and wisdom, Trust Your Truth honors the fullness of yoga while being accessible no matter where an individual is on their path. Shannon’s personal reflections reveal universal truths that invite us to more completely inquire within. He has created a true companion for us all to turn to, grow with, and go with as we navigate incredible external and internal change. This is exactly the book we need right now.”
Octavia Raheem, author of Gather, and founder of Starshine & Clay

“This book is a wake-up call pointing us in the direction of our inherent knowing. It is an essential guidebook to navigating the chaos of this moment with skill and grace. Shannon’s voice is brave, humble, and provocative in how it makes us question everything we’ve been taught so that we can remember what we already know. It is an essential call to action to get out of our own way and get engaged in the world.”
—Kerri Kelly, founder of CTZNWELL, and host of the CTZN Podcast

“This book is therapy for the soul. Life can be tough, especially if you’ve been marginalized in any way. Trust Your Truth cuts straight to the core and gives you practical tools you can implement into your life right away to experience massive transformation. Regardless of who you love, what color your skin is, or how much trauma you’ve been through in your life, Shannon’s words will heal you in places you didn’t even know were wounded, but that needed your love most. Run (don’t walk!) toward this book and read it now.”
Justin Michael Williams, author of Stay Woke

“Reading Shannon’s words felt like I was being compassionately and lovingly guided towards the courageous path of coming home to myself. Trust Your Truth is the necessary guide to rejoining our soul in its most authentic expression. Thank you, Shannon, for bringing your love and humor to a journey that isn’t always joyous.”
Mark Groves, human connection specialist; and founder of Create The Love and the emotional wellness app, Mine’d

“Shannon Algeo takes us on a wonderful and unflinching journey through the ‘beauty of a breakdown’ in the way that only he can. In order to get to the root of our feelings and perceptions, we have to actually do the work to heal from past trauma. If you’re ready to embrace the next level of freedom, Trust Your Truth is your guide.”
Rha Goddess, founder and CEO of Move The Crowd, and author of The Calling

“With this book, Shannon offers the world a brave and heartful blueprint for how to bring more authenticity into the most mundane and exceptional aspects of our lives. Get ready for a journey of growth, compassion, and a whole lot of love!”
Anu Gupta, founder and CEO of BE MORE with Anu

“Shannon’s words are timely. This book is a healing guide to connect us with our higher selves. A must-read.”
Charles Chen, founder of

Trust Your Truth is a wonderful book that applies spiritual wisdom to address today’s pressing problems and curiosities.”
Sahara Rose, best-selling author, and host of the Highest Self Podcast

Trust Your Truth is a powerful, practical, and playful guide to a liberated life. Shannon’s ability to weave information, education, and his own stories into the book make for an impactful and compelling read. You won’t want to put it down, but be sure to do all the exercises!”
Lauren Taus, LCSW, founder of Inbodied Life, psychedelic-assisted therapist, podcaster, and yogi

Trust Your Truth touches your soul and gives the gift of a deeper self-exploration. I am forever touched by Shannon’s words, his heart, and the gifts he shares in this highly important book.”
Barrett Pall, professional behavioral change expert, life coach, social media influencer and activist, and host of the Soul Boners Podcast

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