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The Ultimate Twist

The Ultimate Twist
A Novella




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ISBN: 9780956643230
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About the Book

The Ultimate Twist is about addiction, love, therapy and danger—but above all it’s about the transformation of a troubled everyday life.

As Lucy goes beyond the limitations of the addiction/rehabilitation cycle, we are drawn into the lives and perspectives of her therapist and her husband, on a journey which ends in the ultimate twist, the unexpected turn, that sets her free.

“This is a work of heart searing honesty that should be read by anybody who cares about human relationships. Suzanne Foxton's debut is brave, completely assured and challenging in all the essential ways.”
Fergal Keane, author and broadcaster


Suzanne Foxton (Author)
Suzanne Foxton is a mother, wife, writer and artist who works and lives in Kew in the United Kingdom. She was born in South Bend, Indiana, USA. She muddles along as best as she can, like most of humanity. Suzanne believes the particulars of her... Read more

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