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The Vulvodynia Survival Guide

The Vulvodynia Survival Guide
How to Overcome Painful Vaginal Symptoms and Enjoy an Active Lifestyle




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About the Book

Defined as a constant or recurring vulvar discomfort, vulvodynia's symptoms include burning, itching, stinging, rawness, and painful sexual intercourse. The disorder can have a devastating impact on a woman's sex life This book offers the most current and effective techniques for overcoming this problem.


Howard Glazer (Author)
Howard I. Glazer, PhD, is a clinical psychologist in New York City with a professional practice limited to the use of surface electromyographic feedback in the treatment of pelvic floor muscle dysfunctions and vulvovaginal pain syndromes. He is also... Read more

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“Drs. Glazer and Rodke have written a comprehensive guide to an often misdiagnosed, painful gynecological condition. This book will help millions of women realize that they are not alone in their suffering.”
—Phyllis Mate, President, national Vulvodynia Association

“Howard Glazer’s success rate has astounded the medical community.”
—Stanley C. Marinoff, M.D., M.P.H., FACOG, Director, Center for Vulvovaginal Disorders, Washington, DC

“Dr. Glazer, as a member of the International Society for the Study of Vulvovaginal Disease, has been a pioneer in the treatment of vulvodynia. His accomplishments, commitment, and training of others have helped thousands of women afflicted with this disorder.”
—Benson Horowitz, M.D., University of Connecticut Medical School, Hartford

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