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When Love Stumbles

When Love Stumbles
How to Rediscover Love, Trust, and Fulfillment in your Relationship




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About the Book

Discover the 8 Most Common Ways Love Stumbles and What to Do About Them

Falling in love is easy. Staying deeply committed to your relationship, even when love stumbles, is the greater challenge. Eight major stumbling blocks can cause even the most passionate couples to drift apart-and chances are, if you're in a committed relationship, you've brushed up against at least a few of these. When Love Stumbles offers a plan for reversing problematic relationship patterns by making simple changes to your everyday habits. You'll find that these small but important steps will help your relationship find its footing once again.

Remove the eight major stumbling blocks:

  • End disillusionment and find fulfillment
  • Banish boredom by adding excitement to your relationship
  • Turn destructive conflicts into constructive challenges
  • Shift your focus from self-preservation to putting your partner first
  • Stop struggling solo and start operating as a team
  • Go from feeling like you're on trial to feeling unconditionally loved
  • Instead of pursuing outside interests, recommit to each other
  • Different dreams? Find common ground in new mutual goals


Randi Gunther (Author)
Randi Gunther, PhD, is a clinical psychologist and marriage counselor in Lomita, CA. She has given multiple workshops and lectures, inspiring hundreds of couples to go beyond their limitations to create successful relationships. A practical... Read more

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“This is a wise and compassionate approach to helping couples recover from the ordinary ‘stumbles’ they may encounter. I think it will benefit couples who are experiencing breakdowns in communication, need to repair violations of trust, or simply recognize the wear and tear of a no-longer-brand-new relationship. I’d even recommend it as preventative work for couples who are still feeling great about their relationships.”
—Dusty Miller, author of Stop Running from Love

When Love Stumbles is a comprehensive roadmap couples in trouble can use to get their relationships back on track. I highly recommend it.”
—Susan Pease Gadoua, LCSW, author of Contemplating Divorce and Stronger Day by Day

“Everyone stumbles in love. Randi Gunther has given her readers a set of tools and exercises to help get them back on the path of mutual respect and admiration. If your relationship is faltering, even just a little bit, read this book and take her advice.”
—Barton Goldsmith, PhD, author of Emotional Fitness for Couples and Emotional Fitness for Intimacy

“There is no better way to learn how to make a relationship work than by being in one. Relationship trouble doesn't mean that something is wrong. Quite the contrary, it means that something is right. Trouble shows us the next step necessary for our emotional maturity. With Randi Gunther’s new book, When Love Stumbles, we don't have to take this step alone. She shares exercises, perspectives, and solid advice that will help us cope better with our problems and realize our true potential as romantic partners.”
—Allen Berger, PhD, clinical psychologist and author of Love Secrets Revealed

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