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The White Knight Syndrome

The White Knight Syndrome
Rescuing Yourself from Your Need to Rescue Others




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About the Book

Do you find yourself attracted to people who are helpless, vulnerable, or damaged, or feel like you always end up taking care of your romantic partners? If you fall into this relationship pattern, you're likely a white knight-a person who tends to seek out partners who need rescuing. White knights hope to receive admiration, validation, or love from their partners, but ultimately end up cheating themselves out of emotionally healthy relationships.

Ready to come to your own rescue? The White Knight Syndrome will help you:

  • Discover why you attract or seek out needy or damaged partners
  • Find out what type of white knight you are
  • Recognize the unhealthy ways you try to meet your partner's needs while ignoring your own
  • Channel your energies into building balanced, healthy relationships


Mary C. Lamia, PhD, is a clinical psychologist and psychoanalyst in private practice in Marin County, CA. She is also a professor at the Wright Institute in Berkeley, CA.

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Marilyn J. Krieger, PhD, is a clinical psychologist in private practice in Marin County, CA.

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