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The Woman's Book of Sleep

The Woman's Book of Sleep
A Complete Resource Guide




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About the Book

Until very recently, the majority of sleep research was conducted on male populations. Researchers have found, however, that sleep is as important to a woman's health as nutrition and exercise, yet the vast majority of women do not get enough of it.

In The Woman's Book of Sleep, author and women's sleep specialist Amy Wolfson helps you understand what kinds of physiological or psychological factors are contributing to your troubled sleep. The book reviews the variety of intervention strategies that are thought to enhance sleep and offers tips on what really works. A unique appendix helps you tap sleep disorder resources, including local centers and sleep associations.


Amy Wolfson (Author)
Amy Wolfson, PhD, is the cochair of Women in Sleep and Rhythm Research of the Sleep Research Society as well as associate professor of psychology and director of the Women's Studies Program at the College of the Holy Cross in Worcester, MA.

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