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The Woman's Guide to How Men Think

The Woman's Guide to How Men Think
Love, Commitment, and the Male Mind




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About the Book

Comedian George Carlin once said, “Women are from earth. Men are from earth. Just deal with it.” Though witty, this sentiment fails to recognize one of the real truths in life: that both genders are completely mystified by one another, and often have a mile-long list of complaints for the opposite sex. Yet, generally speaking, both men and women want to get along-especially if there's romance involved.

A Woman's Guide to How Men Think offers a practical, humorous, yet compassionate guide for women who want to learn the secrets of the elusive male mind. With author Shawn Smith's trademark humor, you'll come to understand why men think and see the world the way they do, and how to work with men to cultivate understanding and communication in relationships, without expecting men to be creatures that they are not. This isn't a male-bashing book about how men should be more like women, but a book about how men actually are, and how women can use this understanding to get what they need from their relationships.

You'll also learn why men often feel frustrated and criticized, how to deal with lack of communication in ways that don't put men on the defensive, and how being curious and compassionate (while not accepting disrespectful or abusive behavior) instead of dismissing men for their inherently male traits can lead to greater understanding between the sexes.

The plain truth is that both men and women are from planet earth. But that doesn't mean we are the same. If you are looking for an insider's guide to the ever-elusive male mind, this is the book for you.

The author, Shawn Smith, is a psychotherapist with a blog at ironshrink.com.


Shawn T. Smith (Author)
Shawn T. Smith, PsyD, is a psychologist in private practice in Denver, CO. He is author of the book The User's Guide to the Human Mind, and writes a blog at ironshrink.com. Smith enjoys various manly activities, including being a... Read more

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“The war of the sexes is historical, and methods of creating peace are plentiful, but few work well. In The Women's Guide to How Men Think, the author, a man, offers women a code to male thinking that could bring an end to this war, if embraced. Readable, practical, and wise, I recommend this book to all women who want to understand men and to all men who would like a better understanding of themselves.”
-Harville Hendrix, PhD, author of Getting the Love You Want and coauthor of Making Marriage Simple
“Shawn Smith's book is not only notable for its helpful contents, but also for the way in which he opens his heart and mind as an authentic, personal ambassador of the good men he represents. In every chapter he gently but firmly builds upon his basic premises: women can master the tools to get more of what they need from their men, guys are relatively easy to love if women don't expect them to be like them, and women and men need each other's core contributions if they want to create the ultimate fulfillment each of them deserves. In a unique blend of substantial research, humor, and a strong conviction in what he believes in, Smith delivers his story in a manner that is easy to embrace.”
-Randi Gunther, PhD, author of Relationship Saboteurs
“We have always known that men and women think differently, and now that difference is brought to light in an uplifting, easy-to-read guide to understanding how the male mind actually works. Smith has given women the gift of how to really get to know the man they love, and how to love him more.”
-Barton Goldsmith, PhD, author of The Happy Couple
“Shawn Smith has written a powerful primer for modern women who have not been schooled in gender differences. The Woman's Guide to How Men Think takes a gentle approach to helping women understand what makes men tick-which will, in turn, help women find the love they seek.”
-Suzanne Venker, author and cultural critic
“Shawn Smith's book provides a wonderful service in helping women understand men. He weaves together research, clinical experience, and personal experience in a clear, accessible way. I will recommend this book to clients and students, as he is able to highlight the influence of gender without stereotyping or being simplistic. Smith shows us how to avoid the trap of resentment that comes with misunderstanding, and gives thoughtful and practical examples that can improve relationships.”
-Shelly Smith-Acu?a, PhD, author of Systems Theory in Action and dean of the graduate school of professional psychology at the University of Denver
“I can't think of another self-help book I've enjoyed reading so much. It's rare to find one that is not only scientifically-based and incredibly practical, but also laced with humor. Chocablock full of fascinating insights into male psychology, this book provides an honest, realistic, and effective pathway for improving and enriching your closest relationships.”
-Russ Harris, author of The Happiness Trap
"Shawn Smith does not apologize for male traits, nor does he try to change them. Instead, he reveals what they mean to women who want a better relationship with the man who possesses those traits. This book walks female readers through the male mind, and helps them understand how to be more empathetic and connected to the man they love. This book teaches that men's behavior and love is not better or worse, just different. Acknowledging the difference is what makes this guide a gem.”
-Helen Smith, PhD, author of Men on Strike: Why Men Are Boycotting Marriage, Fatherhood, and the American Dream-and Why It Matters and forensic psychologist in Knoxville, TN
“Smith is a brilliant writer who explains the mysteries of the male mind with intelligence, compassion, and humor. His well-researched book is a compelling guide that provides a better understanding of men and will result in improved relationships. This is a must-read for every woman.”
-Michelle Skeen, PsyD, radio show host and author of The Critical Partner
“A thoroughly enjoyable read! This book is an easy and practical guide for those looking to understand some of the key aspects of the male mind. With relevant research, interesting case studies, and easy-to-follow man tips, this book makes men more accessible in relationships. It sheds light on why men crave being effective, and the way they differ in terms of problem solving, listening, and needing appreciation. It also highlights common male patterns like the `silence hole' and offers ways to get men to be more present and engaged. Reading this book will give you a new perspective on the man in your life.”
-John Aiken, relationship psychologist, TV host, and best-selling author
“If you are lost in translation when you are trying to communicate with your man, this is the go-to guide for you. Smith provides a wonderfully clear understanding of the relational disconnect that plagues many relationships. In reader-friendly language, he presents sound and positive strategies to help struggling couples. It is an invaluable resource!”
-Carolyn Daitch, PhD, author of Anxious in Love

“At first glance, A Woman's Guide toHow Men Think suggests a twenty-first century version of John Gray's classic, Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus; however, rather than focus on men at their worst, Shawn Smith writes about what he terms `good men.' As a therapist who promotes secure-functioning relationships, I find his premise-that there are men willing and able to love and commit in relationships-refreshing. Readers of both genders should find this book sheds new light on many of the age-old dilemmas of pair bonding.”
-Stan Tatkin, PsyD, MFT

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