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Words Out of Silence

Words Out of Silence
60 Days in Solitude




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ISBN: 9781908664501
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About the Book

No TV, no cell phone, no social media, no family or friends. Just alone in silence for sixty days. Written from a small cabin in the mountains above Santa Cruz, California, Bok's diary recounts his retreat into solitude and his search for a return to the simplicity of pure being. Without distraction, he has no choice but to face whatever comes—whether it's the incessant chatter of the mind, the arising of overwhelming emotions, or the simple observations of running water and birdsong. We say it's Bok's diary, but he draws us in so intimately that these sixty days become our own. Through this intense and immersive process, both for Bok and the reader, a deeper place is found within, a place of stillness and well being. You may be surprised what Bok finds, or more importantly, what he doesn't find. Alexandra Burda’s illustrations are a perfect compliment to the sparseness, sensitivity and beauty of the text.


Bok (Author)
Bok teaches out of Venice, California where he lives with his wife and son.

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