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Write Your Own Prescription for Stress

Write Your Own Prescription for Stress




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ISBN: 9781572242159
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About the Book

This groundbreaking program is based on innovative studies of AIDS patients and others who face uncontrollable amounts of stress in their lives. The book teaches you how to identify the specific kind of stress you are experiencing, balance an assessment of the demands you face with an accurate estimate of your coping resources, overcome stress-inducing patterns of thinking, and identify the optimal coping strategy for the stress in your life-either a problem-focused model best-suited to manage the controllable stress of busy schedules and overwork, or an emotion-focused approach better adapted to help you deal with the stress of illness or other uncontrollable events.


Kenneth Matheny (Author)
Kenneth Matheny, PhD, is Regents Professor and director of the Counseling Psychology Program at Georgia State University.

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