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Your Surviving Spirit

Your Surviving Spirit
A Spiritual Workbook for Coping with Trauma




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ISBN: 9781572243576
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About the Book

Your Surviving Spirit contains a series of exercises and vignettes designed to help trauma survivors transform their pain and despair into the practice of healthy well-being. The book guides you through skill-building exercises, journal-writing activities, and the creation of your own stories and affirmations. Learn to identify the ways in which trauma has impacted your life in mind, body, and spirit, and discover the specific ways you can work on each level of experience. For the first time, this book gives trauma survivors access to a proven model of recovery structured in an easy-to-follow workbook format.


Dusty Miller (Author)
Dusty Miller, EdD, is a clinical psychologist, writer, trainer, and internationally-recognized expert in the areas of trauma, addiction, and self-sabotage-including relationship self-sabotage such as distancing. She is the director of the ATRIUM... Read more

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