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Wisdom Without Dogma—Voices from the Edge of the Spiritual Revolution

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Wisdom Without Dogma Free e-Book CoverAs human beings, it is in our very nature to seek—and we’re all seeking the same thing: change that brings us freedom from suffering, lasting peace and happiness, harmony in our relationships, and a deeper, more fulfilled understanding of ourselves and our life experiences.

That’s why New Harbinger is pleased to present a new volume of selected excerpts from our books for spiritual awakening, transformation, and living consciously in the modern world, Wisdom Without Dogma.

With these essential teachings, insights, reflections, practices, and real-life examples—written by renowned spiritual teachers and authors who speak from direct experience—you’re sure to find the guidance and support you seek on your own spiritual journey.

This year’s e-book sampler includes selections from:

  • Buddha’s Bedroom by Cheryl Fraser
  • Soul Conversations by Austyn Wells
  • This Moment is Your Miracle by David Hoffmeister
  • The Inner Bonding Workbook by Margaret Paul
  • The New Happiness by Matthew McKay and Jeffrey C. Wood
  • The Calling by Julia A. Mossbridge
  • The Gratitude Miracle by Will Pye
  • The Body Awareness Workbook for Trauma by Julie Brown Yau
  • Living with Crystals by Karen Frazier
  • I Don’t Want to Be an Empath Anymore by Ora North
  • The Mystery of Being by Zaya Benazzo and Maurizio Benazzo

We invite you to explore all of these books, and wish you true well-being, peace, and joy.

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