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How to Help Your Client Process Heartbreak and Move On from a Relationship 

By Katie Krimer, LCSW, author of Sh*t I Say to Myself Neuroscientific research has demonstrated that the pain from heartbreak resembles drug withdrawals. It can be undoubtedly brutal, making us…

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What to Do When a Client Phones and Requires a Lot of Time in between Sessions

By Kirby Reutter, PhD We’ve all had the high-maintenance client that is constantly in crisis, hijacks the session, and even demands time outside of the session. These clients routinely have what I…

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Teamwork Creates the Dreamwork for Teens Facing Uncertainty

By Juliana Negreiros, PhD, and Katherine Martinez, PsyD, coauthors of Getting Comfortable with Uncertainty for Teens If you’re looking for a comedy this summer, check out Red Notice with Ryan…

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