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For more than forty years, New Harbinger has published books that provide readers with real tools for real change, promoting wellness in both body and mind. But for true well-being and genuine happiness, we believe our spiritual lives must also be nourished, which is why we’ve expanded our publishing program to include books that guide, inspire, and support spiritual seekers on their transformational paths. To that end, we are proud to present our newest imprint, Reveal Press.

Reveal Press offers wisdom and guidance for living consciously in our modern world, with enlightened perspectives for igniting deeper self-awareness, connection to others, and relief from suffering. As an imprint of New Harbinger, Reveal publishes books by authors and spiritual teachers whose work embodies years of personal practice and experience. With these books, readers will have the tools they need for living fully awake and aware lives.

Reveal Press is here to help you transform your life by tapping into your own true nature—moving beyond fixed beliefs and patterns that keep you stuck in the past or worried about the future, and toward lasting fulfillment. With books that are accessible, inclusive, nondogmatic, and relevant, Reveal invites you to explore consciousness, spirituality, humanity, and the nature of the universe from a variety of perspectives on the edge of the spiritual revolution.

For author interviews, expert availability, or information on any of our trade or professional titles, please contact:

Cassie Kolias
[email protected]
(510) 594-6142

Ifeoma Odiwe
[email protected]
(510) 594-6127

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