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Billy Doyle felt a strong spiritual orientation early in life, and when in his twenties he came to explore the non-dualistic teachings of Eastern thought, he immediately resonated with them. The teachings of Ramana Maharshi, Nisargadatta Maharaj, J. Krishnamurti and Atmananda Krishna Menon had a profound effect. On encountering Jean Klein, a master of Advaita and Yoga, in 1982, he immediately knew he had met his teacher and spent many years in contact. He lives in London and teaches yoga in the Kashmir Tradition, an approach brought to the West by Jean Klein.

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Books by Billy Doyle

Yoga in the Kashmir Tradition
Billy Doyle
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In Yoga in the Kashmir Tradition, Billy Doyle gives a simple yet profound guide to a yoga that is far removed from the “glorified gymnastics” and almost competitive nature of yoga that some of us... Read More
The Mirage of Separation
Billy Doyle
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The Mirage of Separation is a collection of poetry and verse reflecting different facets of the non-dual perspective. Billy Doyle lives in London and teaches yoga in the Kashmir Tradition, an... Read More