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C. Peter


C. Peter Bankart, PhD, has been actively engaged in his profession as a psychologist since 1971. He received his PhD from Dartmouth College in experimental personality research with a specialty in behavior therapy, and took a job at Wabash College in Crawfordsville, Indiana where he is a senior member of the faculty. He has lived in Japan for several years, taught at Waseda University in Tokyo, and has authored a textbook on the history of psychotherapy, Talking Cures, which was published by Brooks/Cole in 1997. In addition to teaching psychology, Bankart directed the student counseling service at Wabash, and has worked as a staff psychologist in a variety of mental health facilities in the United States and Japan.

Books by C. Peter Bankart

Freeing the Angry Mind
C. Peter Bankart and David B. Wexler
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More Than Anger Management-A Way to a Better Life If anger is harming your health and hurting the people you love and care about the most, you need to make the decision to get your anger under... Read More