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Jonas Ramnerö, PhD, has worked as a licensed psychologist for 18 years. He earned license as a psychotherapist in 1995. He is currently assistant professor in the Department of Psychology at Stockholm University, where he is responsible for the clinical training in cognitive-behavioral therapies for the students studying to become psychologists or psychotherapists. He earned his Ph.D in 2005 with the thesis Behavioral Treatments of Panic Disorder with Agoraphobia: Treatment Process and Determinants of Change and is author of articles published in international scientific journals. Ramnerö has an extensive clinical experience, mainly of treating people with anxiety and mood disorders, an experience that stems both from general psychiatry and private practice. Since 1998 he has served as a clinical supervisor, both for students and trained psychologists, and acquired a great deal of experience as a lecturer. He is also currently a member of the board of the Swedish Association for Behavior Therapy.

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The ABCs of Human Behavior
Jonas Ramnero and Niklas Törneke
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When cognitive behavior therapy emerged in the 1950s, driven by the work of Albert Ellis and Aaron Beck, basic behavior principles were largely sidelined in clinical psychology curricula. Issues in... Read More